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Alternatives to the H1-B Visa (Update)


Created on February 11, 2020





No visa attracts more interest, frustration, and questions than the H-1B. Because it is also increasingly difficult to obtain, attorneys must be able to present alternative options for clients seeking the ability to work in the U.S., and to address a range of questions presented by clients who might be initially drawn to the H-1B. What options are similar in terms of benefits and requirements? What other nonimmigrant (temporary) visas might facilitate obtaining an immigrant (permanent) visa? What options might actually prove a better fit for the foreign national given their qualifications?

This course, taught by veteran Immigration Law practitioner Matthew Blaisdell, will provide a survey of nonimmigrant visa categories that typically apply to these circumstances, including their benefits and drawbacks, timeframes, and eligibility requirements. We will also explore how several of these categories might fit with or conflict with each other. The program will provide attorneys with as much information as they need to help a client feel informed about and comfortable with the options presented. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess the most appropriate nonimmigrant visa categories 
  2. Consider how such categories may affect strategies for pursuit of an immigrant visa
  3. Present various risk-benefit scenarios to clients to assist in deciding between alternatives

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