All My Children Wear Fur Coats: How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet

Production Date: September 19, 2014 Practice Areas: Wills, Trusts, & Estates and Animal Law Estimated Length: 3658 minutes


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Lawline Faculty Member Peggy Hoyt, J.D., M.B.A., presents "All My Children Wear Fur Coats: How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet". 

Pets come in all shapes and sizes - from horses to hamsters, from ferrets to felines - and they inhabit our hearts with their own unique personalities. They share our day-to-day struggles, adventures, and special moments with us.  We share our homes, our beds and our hearts with our pets.  They leave us with a legacy of happy memories after they're gone.  Our pets love us unconditionally, help reduce stress and even enhance longevity. 

Join Peggy Hoyt as she discusses how to create a comprehensive estate plan, trusts, bequests by will, and written action plans all designed to protect your pets.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Recognize the keys to creating a comprehensive estate plan for pet owners 
  2. Explore all the alternatives for planning for your pet including pet trusts, bequests by will, perpetual care alternatives, and animal care panels 
  3. Identify the steps to create a written action plan for your pet(s)
George R.
Winter Park, FL

good intro

Pam F.
Clarksville, IN

Peggy was fabulous!! Informative, professional, and a lover of pets? Who could ask for more? -Pam Fratini

Adaline K.
Philadelphia, PA

Fun presentation. Really interesting subject matter. Engaged presenter.

Michael P.
Dana Point, CA

Great presentation

Iris G.
Beverly Hills, CA

I learned so much on how to protect my three cats in the event something happens to me. Thank you so much.

Robin B.
New York, NY

The best CLE course ever!!!!!! Peggy Hoyt is a perfect speaker - so interesting and knowledgeable . Perfect delivery!

Marshall V.
Greenport, NY

Excel;lent program.

Ana K.
New York, NY

Quite possibly the best CLE I have ever taken. Thought-provoking and informative. Made me realize my husband and I need to take steps in our own lives to protect our pets, should anything happen to us. Also made me think of other issues -- natural disasters, fire, etc., where our pets may be unattended. Thoroughly covered a lot of important issues. Many thanks.

Daniel B. F.
Astoria, NY

Very thorough, informative, organized and sensitive. Great CLE and great speaker.

M J H.
Brandon, FL

provided great "food for thought"

Maria Y.
Morrisville, PA

Excellent and informative presentation

Barbara N.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent, thorough and thought provoking.

Arthur O.
Daly City, CA

Nice course!

Jessica A.
New York, NY


Barbara R.
Pasadena, CA

I am going to give the handout to my attorney who is updating our Wills and Trust.

Shelly H.
Hammond, IN

Very interesting and informative.

new york, NY


Howard W.
New York, NY


Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Thought-provoking. Spurred me to take action.

John K.
Glenview, LB

Greatly apprecisted

Suzanne d.
Greendale, WI

My favorite lecture

Mark B.
Oak Park, IL

wonderful subject, filled with useful information.

Christine C.
De Soto, IL

Loved the presentation!

Lawrence G.
mokena, IL

i own two dogs very helpful

John B.
Chicago, IL

Very interesting and entertaining.

Vid B.
San Jose, CA

As an owner or parent of & cats and one dog this was very helpful and informative.

Mitchell H.
Tallahassee, FL

As good a presentation as I've ever watched in my 40+ years as an attorney.

Catherine C.
Naples, FL

Enjoyed this very much. Thank you!

Charles G.
San Diego, CA

Great. Loved the presenter and subject

Gabriel G.
Brooklyn, NY

absolutely amazing!

Francis Gerard H.
Lockport, NY

Good Course!

Laura S.
West chester, PA

Great course! Best lawline course i have taken so far.

Randon L.
Fort Lauderdale, FL


constance b.
Key Biscayne, FL

Wonderful area of law that more estate planners should be concerned about. I think the speaker was very good, the written materials are extremely useful.

Ny, NY

BEST cle class I EVER TOOK. My chihuahua Saucey is protected now. Professor Hoyt is inspiring. Makes we want to protect all pets.

Constance H.
Penfield, NY

Outstanding presentation! As a "Mom" to an old rescue dog, an old rescue cat and a young pup with a disability, I now realize what I must do to provide for them, before I could begin to think of giving advice to others. If you love your pets, this is a "

Brittin F.
San Diego, CA

Well done. The instructor cares very much about the subject.

Bernard P.
O'Brien, FL

This is a neglected area... excellent ... on all counts.. speaker and content.

Christine F.
Wappingers Falls, NY

i thought the material was very interesting and the speaker was very thorough and knowledgeable. would highly recommend this course to anyone in estate planning.

Lynne B.
Tallahassee, FL

Important issues that everyone should think about.

Gerald M.
St Petersburg, LB

Great timely topic

William T.
Point Pleasant, NJ


Kimberly G. Pigg Y.
Grovetown, GA

Interesting topic.

Savery G.
Arlington, VA

Really worthwhile, especially if you love your pets -- excellent!

Kavitha P.
Morrisville, NC

Interesting topic.

Janine B.
Falls Church, VA

Extremely interesting.

Shelley R.
Chesterfield, VA

loved the course! Peggy is obviously a very thoughtful lady and a very good presenter. My dog, horse and bird thank her!

Adam F.
Miami Beach, FL

Pretty specific, but I can certainly see where it would be an important part of a T&E Practice where there are wealthy pet lovers

Melanie C.
Pensacola, FL

Very interesting!

Frank T.
Accokeek, MD

Interesting, thought provoking and different.

Bruce B.
Richmond, VA

Good and informative course

Barbara L.
Norfolk, VA


Cynthia A. R.
Boca Raton, FL

very interesting!

Clarence S.
Bozeman, MT

Excellent and informative presentation.

Kevin M.
Glen Allen, VA

Very good practical advice if you work in the estate planning field and this issue comes up.

Amy M.
Millers Creek, NC

Would love to see more "animal law" seminars!

Angela B.
Pensacola, FL


John E.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent all around!

Karen B.
Falls Church, VA

Very enjoyable and informative program.

Ruth K.
Richmond, VA

Great topic. Would love to see more animal law courses.

Edward P.
Palm Springs, CA

What a great talk on an important subject! Thank you.

Jeffrey D.
Severn, MD

I was expecting the usual high quality presentation and got it, however, I enjoyed the class more than most because Ms. Hoyt was passionate about the subject. Thank you!

Michael V.
Clifton forge, VA

Interesting topic and information that will be of use during estate planning for certain clients.

Mary Ellen f.
Nutley, NJ

Much needed info for Will planning.

Alexandra F.
Guaynabo, FL

very practical advice

Thomas I.
Omaha, NE

This topic has evolved since I finished law school, so I am pleased for the update!

Diane S.
Saint Petersburg, FL

Very interesting and relevant

Nicole F.
Bradenton, FL

Outstanding!! With 3 dogs, 6 cats, 2 birds and fish-filled tank, I plan on contacting Ms. Hoyt to assist w/personal estate planning for my pets and me.

Bonnie C.
Tequesta, FL

Interesting topic.

Neil G.
Boca Raton, FL

great program thorough and clear

michael g.
Jacksonville, FL

Very interesting course on a subject about which I was wholly unfamiliar. As a dog owner, it really resonated with me.

Bunnie L.
West Palm Beach, FL

Extremely knowledgeable speaker

Susan T.
Clearwater, FL


Beatriz Z.
Miami, FL

I enjoyed this presentation because of the subject matter.

Thomas J.
Tampa, FL

good speaker, interesting topic

Robert S.
Bradenton, FL

Never studied this topic before. Interesting.

Andrea W.
Downers Grove, IL

Exceeded my expectations for a presentation. Thank you.

Suzanne R.
Hinsdale, IL

a must for pet lovers!

Brenda S.
Coral Gables, FL

This was a wonderful speaker and knew her topic.

Jodi P.
Philadelphia, PA

Unique subject matter. Becoming more and more relevant these days

Richard M.
Flushing Queens, NY

Very important and relevant

Tabitha S.
Forest Park, IL

This was a fabulous topic for estate planners and pet lovers alike!

Stephanie B.
Memphis, TN


Lawrence M.
Mount Dora, FL

Very good presentation.

Jennifer B.
Fairfax, VA

One of the best CLEs I've done. She's a great speaker. Very easy to listen to.

Jennifer S.
Miami Beach, FL

She was the lecturer for the Special Needs Seminar I watched yesterday, and she was great. As an animal lover and owner, this was really informative.

Walter T.
Yorktown, VA


Anthony L.
Rochester, NY

Very interesting topic and well presented.

richard v.
Brandon, FL

who knew?

Eric C.
Miami, FL


Brenda J. G.
Henrico, VA

Excellent presentation and very interesting topic!

James D.
Alexandria, VA

Very interesting topic.

michael p.
Tequesta, FL

Surprised by the information learned from this session

John E.
Chicago, LB

Loved the topic but felt the focus could have been better. The speaker's passion for the topic is obvious. I wish the focus was better.

Heather L.
Weaverville, NC

Needs to go deeper

Long D.
gainesville, FL

Really enjoyed this one.

Migdalia C.
San Juan, PR, FL

Interesting seminar.

Lauren K.
El Dorado Hills, CA

Great lecture! Very interesting.

Albert W.
Satellite Beach, FL

Excellent program will definitely recommended to attorney friends

Michael E.
Brandon, FL

Both informative and entertaining.

Thomas F.
Peconic, NY

well done

Charles K.
Marietta, GA

Very clear and concise and motivating

Samer Y.
New York, NY

Never thought of having trusts for animals!

Terresa E.
Mount Holly, NC

A course all pet owners should take for themselves and their clients.

Wanda F.
Ocala, FL

Best CLE course ever - Peggy Hoyt is a hero!

Michael W.
Haymarket, VA

interesting topic-certainly an issue that is coming up in wills nowadays

Navdeep J.
Des Plaines, IL

Gave me some good ideas especially perpetual care organizations

Bonner M.
Cordova, TN

seems like a timely subject

Barry G.
Springfield, VA

Very thorough. I enjoyed this presentation for a number of reasons. I am a pet owner too.

Debra H.
San Francisco, CA

Peggy Hoyt is my favorite presenter so far. This is my second CLE with her presenting. She's great!

Edward T.
Jacksonville, FL

Very good advice. How many attorneys think of planning care for pets?

Leslie G.
Tumwater, WA


Kimberly A.
Paradise Valley, AZ

Great information!

jennifer d.
Port Washington, NY

she's a great lecturer

Laurence f.
Cary, NC

absolutely terrific

William U.
Jackson Heights, NY

Loves her subject, loves animals. It's good content and feel-good CLE.

Mindi S.
New York, NY

I am definitely getting her book

Bonnie B.
Summit, IL