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Advocating for Employees in the Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1h 3m

Created on September 18, 2020





COVID-19 has changed the world of work as we know it. Millions of Americans have suffered furloughs or lost their jobs entirely, and the country is experiencing record high unemployment. We are at a critical juncture. As the county attempts to rekindle its economy, some businesses remain shuttered while others are cautiously opening back up. At the same time, workers remain concerned about their health and the safety of their loved ones, but economic insecurity is equally pressing.

This program, taught by civil rights attorney Iris Halpern, will review workers' rights in the era of COVID-19, including the obligations of employers to provide safe work environments and address employee safety concerns; the rights of employees with pre-existing medical conditions or who are part of other vulnerable populations; the increase of incidents of discrimination and retaliation in the workplace; and laws governing paid and unpaid medical leave due to COVID-19. The program is primarily directed at attorneys representing workers and advocating for the rights of employees in the workplace but can also assist lawyers who want to advise their corporate clients about contemporary workplace issues relating to COVID-19.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Explore the intersection of various preexisting and newly promulgated laws and their impact on workers' rights during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Identify potential legal claims arising from COVID-19, distinguishing between federal and state law claims
  3. Discuss how employees can best enforce their rights during COVID-19
  4. Predict future trends in workplace litigation and legislation relating to COVID-19 

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