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Advising Federal Contractors Regarding Contract Changes

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Produced on July 17, 2018

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Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Contract Government Contracting

Course Description

Contract changes are a fundamental part of government contracting, so much so that all government contracts include some version of the changes clause. But implementing those changes - and negotiating the associated costs - can be a difficult process with a steep learning curve.

This program, taught by experienced government contracting attorney Michael Richard of Cohen Seglias, will cover simple rules to use in guiding your clients to avoid disruptions to the project and increase the likelihood of prompt payment.

The course will discuss how to determine if a government request is a change to the contract and the types of changes that are most likely to cause conflicts, including real world examples of changes in a variety of contracts, such as design, construction, and service contracts. The program will also cover the way that a lack of communication and misconceptions about the authority of government personnel can cause conflicts, featuring specific examples of mistakes on both sides of the contract.

Special attention will be given to communication, professionalism and the proper role of performance reviews in the negotiation process. Finally Michael will provide a few simple rules to avoid conflict and promote payment. The presentation will feature the latest legal developments on a variety of topics related to contract changes, including the DRChecks system, the authority of government personnel to direct changes, and performance reviews in CPARS.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply the changes clause to various real world scenarios
  2. Discuss the function and enforceability of notice requirements in federal contracts
  3. Review the basics of contracting authority and how to advise clients regarding unauthorized direction
  4. Encourage professionalism amongst the parties to the contract to create positive outcomes for federal contractors

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Michael A. Richard

Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

Michael is an attorney in Obermayer’s Government Contracting Department, where he excels at getting clients to the settlement table. Michael’s tenacity is truly a force to be reckoned with. Over the past two years alone, he has settled over $30 million in claims against the United States government.

While Michael enjoys fighting for his clients and winning cases on the merits, his goal is always to reach a reasonable settlement to avoid the costs and risks of trial.  That is why he continues to pursue settlement right up until the eve of trial, and has even resolved cases on the courthouse steps. In the very rare instances where there is no satisfactory settlement to be had, Michael has the experience and know how to resolve the case with maximum efficiency through summary judgment motions, submission on the record, or at trial.

Michael is a self-described “law nerd” who truly enjoys the complexities and depth of the law on government contracts. He enjoys diving into the case law to find the right answer, the answer that helps his clients resolve their disputes in the most efficient manner possible. He also keeps a library with highlighted copies of every case he has read during his entire career. This allows Michael to both quickly access the relevant case law when an issue comes up, but also to maintain a breadth of knowledge on the subject of government contracts that is both wide and deep.

In his free time, Michael enjoys playing strategy games, reading science fiction, swimming, and spending time with his wife, kids, and dog.


Carolyn T.


Mary M.

Well done!

Sheryl O.

Another very informative and helpful CLE from Michael Richard

Davina D.

Very informative.

Marla W.


Christina B.

Incredibly informative presentation.

Rick M.

Very good presentation.

Michael V.

Incredibly helpful for both attorneys and government contracting professionals in the construction space.

Laurel C.

Very practical advice.

Julie S.

I really liked how he strongly encouraged good communication between government contractors and the contracting officer -- as a means to avoid disputes and litigation

Hermon V.


Albert M.

Provides great insight and recommendations for dealing with contract changes.

Diane L.

Best speaker so far!

George S.

Government contracting is one of my favorite subjects. This was a very useful presentation with a lot of good information and insight.

Deborah S.

Relevant and well presented.

Chase L.

Great practical examples

Jacqueline S.

Excellent program. Great speaker, made a complex subject understandable. Really appreciated case examples to make his points. Great job!!

Afsaneh Lynne K.

This lecturer was great! He was so clear and informative!

John T.

Great job.

Ruth S.

good advice on Notice

Aaron Shawn H.


Sarah R.

This class was comprehensive and I appreciated the use of examples and cases to exemplify points.

James M.

Very knowledgeable presenter -- gave the kind of practical knowledge and practice tips/pointers that I was hoping for, not just letter of the law stuff.

Marcella B.

This was such a great course - the content was finally advanced enough to deal with where I spend almost 100% of my time. Its not sufficient to write agreements, but what happens when changes are needed (especially federal). I live in the FAR - so this was a perspective I needed from another attorney.

Jill C.

customer service was timely when I got kicked out of the course the last few minutes. Thanks for the assist in getting me back online!

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