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Advising Clients on Creating and Operating Independent Music Labels

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Produced on February 07, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h 32m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Arts & Entertainment

Course Description

The landscape of the music industry has dramatically changed over the past few years. Gone are the days where the only way to achieve success in the music industry was through the support of a major record label. Today, musicians are able to get their music into the hands of millions of listeners easier than ever before.

Looking to capitalize on this change, independent record labels are frequently being created by both entrepreneurs hoping to achieve success in the industry by signing artists and musicians looking to self release their music. This course, presented by entertainment lawyer Julian Cordero, reviews the legal issues that may arise when counseling clients in the music industry throughout the process of forming and operating an independent record label.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess the key legal frameworks required in order to form and operate a music label
  2. Analyze the streams of income available to your clients as an independent record label
  3. Review the third party organizations which would aid in the success of your client’s music label
  4. Discuss which agreements are required for your clients in order to be operational and protected

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Julian Cordero

Cordero Law LLC

Julian Cordero is the founder and managing attorney of Cordero Law LLC, a law firm headquartered in New York City, where he focuses on Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

Julian concentrates primarily on the transactional practice of law, focusing the majority of his time on contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiating. Some of his most important recent endeavors in this field include the drafting of multi-million dollar service contracts, negotiating cross-licensing agreements for major companies with vast intellectual property portfolios, and the representation of numerous musicians and independent labels in the negotiations of various music and distribution agreements.

In addition to his work with contracts, Julian also spends a considerable amount of time working on the structuring and formation of new businesses, performing trademark searches and registrations, and advising small businesses on their overall legal needs.


Kathy B.

very clear and step by step

Matthew N.

A good refresher course.

Robert L.

Well done and informative Very comprehensive in the amount of time Time flew by because it was very interesting

Stephanie D.

Really learned a lot.

gerard m.

Best presenter I have heard on music law vast knowledge you need more from this attorney he was the best

Ryan B.

A lot of information packed into the event, but hey didnt feel overwhelming. Speaker spoke with ease and confidence that made the presentation go smoothly.

Pamella M.

Good presentation and detailed overview

michael r.

This was really good and informative



Michel L.

Terrific thorough and informative presentation, covering the broader spectrum of the business. Any thought given to a deep-dive series of presentations on individual sub-topics

Ruth R.

Mr. Cordero obviously enjoys and understands his work. He gave a very relaxed yet informative and comprehensive presentation. I feel, using the materials and information he provided, that I could structure a comprehensive agreement.

Doug F.

Loved this course, thank you.

Ololade A.

This course was amazing!

Stephanie M.

Excellent overview!

Belinda J.

Great and engaging presentation!

Kelsey S.

Great presentation! Super helpful.

Robert J.

Well presented.

Dwight B.


Edmund B.

Very effective course.

Margee F.

One of the best CLEs I've ever experienced. Really relevant and clear. More user-friendly than the average!

Andrew B.

Very interesting on music law.

Daniel W.

Great instructor

Christina T.


Jonathan C.

Great course

Michele P.

Excellent overview starting from the beginning and going to the more nuanced.

Erin B.

Julian did such a nice job. He was helpful and kind! I felt his presentation was constructive and inspiring! Thanks!

Lisa L.

Very pleasant and knowledgeable presenter. Great information.

Amy H.

Great course!

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