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Advertising & Promotion of Drugs Part I (Update)

1h 33m

Created on February 14, 2017




The first course of this three-part series, led by attorney Dominck DiSabatino and regulatory expert Jennifer Stohlmann, begins to navigate the complicated and ambiguous world of drug and medical device promotion in the United States.

This session provides historical context and overviews of the relevant agencies and laws, including the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act and Federal Trade Commission Act. It also breaks down the main elements of compliant advertising and promotion and highlight trends in enforcement activity that provide valuable insight into regulators' current thinking.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the historical context of relevant agencies and laws
  2. Determine who has jurisdiction, the FDA or the FTC
  3. Identify the main elements of compliant advertising
  4. Highlight recent trends in enforcement activity 

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