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Advantages of Litigation Finance: Strategies and Preparation for Funding


Created on June 26, 2024





Over the past decade, litigation finance has grown in prevalence and acceptance. Now more than ever, both law firms and corporations need to know how to take advantage of litigation finance to mitigate risk, preserve resources, and provide value to their clients and internal corporate stakeholders. This program will address the structure of litigation finance and the means by which funders navigate past ethical concerns, preserve privilege and confidentiality, and avoid conflicts of interest. It will also provide a current state of litigation finance and review recent notable legal decisions that have impacted the use of funding.

In addition, our team of experienced Investment Managers and Legal Counsel will share behind-the-scenes details of the funding process through case studies that will provide the participants insight into what type of cases are ideal candidates for litigation finance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the foundations of litigation finance
  2. Explore the benefits of funding for firms, clients, and corporations
  3. Walk through the funding process and ethical considerations throughout
  4. Discuss the impact of recent legal case decisions
  5. Practice ethical integration of financing into litigation strategy via case studies

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