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Advanced Surrogacy Contract Drafting: Moving Beyond the Fundamentals

1h 4m

Created on May 24, 2021




Surrogacy contracts include extremely complex and sensitive issues that prompt a number of drafting concerns for attorneys. In this program, Colleen Marea Quinn guides attorneys beyond the fundamental considerations surrounding ART contract drafting into the specifics of surrogacy contracts, including in-depth contract language. This course provides a dive into insurance coverage issues, questions about payments between the parties, differentiation between material and non-material breaches, thorny issues around abortion and selective reduction, recent issues regarding COVID vaccinations, and more. The program will explore hypotheticals derived from surrogacy arrangements where things went wrong, and discuss how better contract drafting could have prevented major issues. 

This program is a sequel to the Lawline Program on "Assisted Reproductive Technology Contracts: Drafting Fundamentals." This advanced-level course delves into some of the more sophisticated and problematic aspects of drafting surrogacy contracts and will benefit seasoned practitioners in the ART contracts space. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address the most commonly confronted problematic issues in surrogacy contract drafting
  2. Ensure initial and continued health insurance coverage for the surrogate and addressing concerns with Medicaid and Tricare
  3. Avoid or minimize conflict between the parties
  4. Draft contracts to prepare for the unexpected, such as third party negligence or the spread of COVID
  5. Improve your contract breach provisions
  6. Provide clients with a better understanding of complex issues

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