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Advanced Issues in Representing Consumer Debtors in Bankruptcy: Avoiding Problems and Pitfalls

1h 3m

Created on February 07, 2017



Representing consumer debtors can be problematic for attorneys.  Common pitfalls and missteps may often create costly problems for the unwary practitioner.  In this presentation, Norma E. Ortiz, of Ortiz, & Ortiz, LLP, will explain how to avoid these mistakes by discussing how to skillfully prepare the case.

This course is designed to help attorneys already representing consumer debtors to improve the level of his or her practice, and streamline case preparation to help ensure less stress, greater profitability, and happier clients.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understanding the nature of consumer bankruptcy representation

  2. Identify the pitfalls of you role as debtor's counsel

  3. Ensure your firm's proper engagement

  4. Avoid malpractice and ethical problems

  5. Get it right the first time: develop best practices for due diligence and profitability

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