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Advanced Issues in Non-Profit Law

1h 39m

Created on March 26, 2018




Non-Profit organizations are corporate entities given different tax treatment than their for-profit counterparts, to suit their special purposes. As such, they can be subject to a litany of issues; if a corporate attorney is not careful in making their recommendations, they can cause their clients significant problems down the line. If an attorney takes the time to learn the field, however, there are tools and tricks to significantly benefit their clients.

Join non-profit corporate attorney Todd Kulkin as he provides a top-line view into a selection of these issues. This discussion will enable you to spot problems as they arise, help your clients avoid common pitfalls many non-profits fall into without even realizing, and provide you with some new tools to benefit your non-profit clients.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the basics of for-profit/non-profit partnerships opportunities available through fiscal sponsorships
  2. Discover the "friends-of" tool for tax-exempt donor aggregation
  3. Manage international compliance issues
  4. Address the taxonomy of the tax-exempt: how to identify different types of federally recognized tax-exempt status, including liability shielding tax-exempt pass through structures
  5. Dissect the Johnson Amendment: understanding the amendment and advising clients on the impact of Trump's Executive Order
  6. Avoid private inurement problems in complex transactions
  7. Grasp the importance of prophylactic provisions: how to save tax-exempt funds from fraudulent conveyances

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