Adoption Law Overview & Primer: A Federal and State Perspective

Production Date: February 24, 2015 Practice Areas: Family & Matrimonial Law and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 5466 minutes


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Adoptions are a delicate and sensitive issue, even without all of the legal problems that may arise if they become contested. Join Attorney Colleen Quinn as she illuminates both the Federal and State laws (using Virginia as an example) surrounding the adoption process.  

She begins with an examination of the home study, why it is important to pass it and also when it is required in the adoption process. Ms. Quinn then continues with a discussion of the difference between agency versus private or parental adoptions, and how international adoptions fit in.  

As Ms. Quinn explains in the presentation, even conducting a domestic adoption agency can be tricky when the adoption crosses state lines and involves interstate issues. She also discusses the different types of specialized adoptions as well as how consent and revocation periods and putative father registries work.  

In addition, Ms. Quinn briefly covers the costs of adoption, on-going contact agreements and pertinent federal laws, including the complications of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Finally, Quinn addresses practical concerns throughout and shares “war stories” to illustrate the importance of tightly adhering to legal requirements.


Learning Objectives:

I.      Understand the  Home Study

II.     Grasp Agency v. Non-Agency Adoptions

III.    Recognize special types of adoptions

IV.    Know comparative costs

V.     Examine termination of parental right issues and ongoing contracts

VI.    Comprehend pertinent Federal laws


Ann K.
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The presenter did a good job or providing an overview of adoption law.

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Very well organized. I look forward to more presentations from this instructor.

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interesting- I adopted- internationally, thank god. -2008- prior to these all new requirements.

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She enjoys her work

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The written materials were very appreciated, especially the cartoons.

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Very pleasant presenter with sound knowledge.

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She was great - so straightforward and professional

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Great course, very informative and some excellent practice pointers.

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Great instructor.

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Ms. Quinn delivers yet again. Thorough, detailed and knowledgeable.

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Helped a lot.

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Great down and dirty primary course on adoption.

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Very good overview of federal adoption law.

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Spectacular overview of adoption law. Ms. Quinn is engaging, knowledgeable, and experienced. She's my go-to Lawline resource as I move my practice into adoption law.

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Wonderful, clear and comprehensive treatment of the topic. Well done.

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The speaker was very organized and knowledgeable. The best CLE presentation I've listened to on Lawline.

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Fabulous course.

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Although focused on Virginia law. the course appears to have general applicability to issues involved in both agency and private adoptions. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and articulate.

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Well done. Appreciated the interactive approach Ms. Quinn utilized and would welcome her as an instructor in future programs.

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