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Adoption in Virginia

1h 1m

Created on October 14, 2019




Half of handling an adoption with excellence is determining which type of adoption it is and which part of the adoption code governs your case. In this program, Karen Stoutamyer Law, an adoption specialist, will assist you in learning how to quickly find the relevant Virginia code sections for your type of adoption. The pathways to finalization of a domestic agency, foster care, or readoption case are similar, and this course will provide a step-by-step procedural guide which will cover all three areas.

There have been important changes in adoption law in the last several years. The code has been amended to require background checks for step-parent adoptions, and the time frame for filing an expedited close relative adoption has been shortened. Caselaw has also changed the game -  Knight v. Ottrix, 69 Va. App. 519 (2018) set forth an important clarification of jurisdiction in a contested direct parental placement adoption. Finally, with more and more foreign born children being adopted through Virginia courts by close relatives, unforeseen consequences can arise. This course will help you assess when to call in an immigration expert to partner with you in your domestic adoption case.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review different types of adoption and relevant code sections that govern each type
  2. Discuss strategies to deal with non-consenting biological parents in step-parent adoptions
  3. Explain expedited procedures for close relative adoptions
  4. Assess when a home-study is required and where to file your case
  5. Provide step by step instructions to finalize a private agency, foster care, or foreign adoption
  6. Determine when to call in an immigration expert for adoption of a foreign born child

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