Adjustment of Status Versus Consular Processing

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Produced on: June 18, 2015

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Applying for and securing lawful permanent residence in the United States on behalf of an alien is a difficult process requiring a great deal of patience and attention. In this immigration law program, attorney Carla Prosper provides viewers with a nuts and bolts introduction to consular processing and adjustment of status, the two methods for obtaining an immigrant visa.  Ms. Prosper begins by dissecting the two procedures and discussing their eligibility requirements and governing rules. With a focus on several relevant sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act, Mr. Prosper compares and contrasts consular processing and adjustment of status, and makes valuable recommendations for choosing which procedure to use. This is a must-see course for all immigration attorneys seeking guidance on how to help their clients successfully obtain green cards and secure permanent resident status in the United States.   


Learning Objectives:

I.     Summarize adjustment of status

II.    Differentiate eligibility & visa availability

III.   Understand consular processing

IV.   Describe adjustment of status vs. consular processingy



Carla Prosper

Law Office of Carla C. Prosper

A passionate and dedicated Clifton immigration attorney, Carla Prosper has an excellent track record. She provides a wide range of immigration services through the Law Office of Carla C. Prosper, a respected law firm with an exceptional reputation in Clifton. Her knowledge, empathy, and commitment are immediately evident to both clients and fellow attorneys, who are also impressed by her ability to navigate difficult courtroom situations. She is a wonderful legal advocate to have on your side as you deal with the complexities of immigration law.

Prior to pursuing a career in immigration law, Carla earned her International Business Management degree at Villanova University. She then studied law at Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Upon graduating from law school, she began her legal career at Wilens & Baker, where she was an associate attorney. She also served as associate attorney at Sullivan and Graber. She took a step up in her legal career as a co-founder and partner at Prosper and Rodriguez LLC. More recently, she has decided to launch a sole proprietorship, known as the Law Office of Carla C. Prosper. In addition to serving a variety of immigration clients, she provides of counsel for criminal defense attorneys with a need for a greater understanding of immigration concerns.

Carla is passionate about immigration law, which is the primary area of focus at her law firm. She handles a variety of immigration cases, including those involving both businesses and families. She is also very active in the legal community; she has been a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association for nearly a decade. Regularly endorsed both by clients and fellow attorneys, Carla is often commended for her empathetic service. Immigration clients also appreciate her fluency in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.


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Good basic presentation.

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Informative - Thank you!

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The presenter was very clear and informative.


Instructor did a very nice job.

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One of the best courses I have seen to date. This person did a great job of explaining a difficult subject

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