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Addressing Online Harassment in an Educational Setting


Created on April 21, 2020





Online learning can increase accessibility for students, but it also presents significant challenges. In particular, students, educators, and administrators all struggle to address bullying and harassment when they move outside the traditional classroom. This trend has been developing for many years as students began using online applications, both school-sponsored and otherwise, but with the mass move online during the COVID pandemic, the legal issues surrounding online harassment are about to balloon, and the liabilities for educators could last many years.

This program will provide an overview of the harassment and free speech issues that can arise both in an online learning setting and in online communications among students that take place outside of school-sponsored forums. Presented by Samantha Harris, the program will benefit attorneys who represent students, teachers and faculty, administrators, and educational institutions at both the K-12 level, and at institutions of higher education.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze how Title IX and other harassment laws apply to online speech and expression
  2. Discuss how the First Amendment and/or institutional policies on the free expression may limit an institution's ability to discipline students for online expression
  3. Apply these principles to situations that might arise in light of the mass move to distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis 

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