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Addressing Expert Testimony in a Social Security Administrative Hearing

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Produced on May 04, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

This program is designed for attorneys new to the practice of Social Security, as well as beginner and intermediate practitioners looking to deepen their approach to cross-examining medical and vocational experts.

The program, taught by experienced disability attorneys Nicole Thompson and Matthew Cantwell, will begin by reviewing the basic analysis of a disability claim before going in-depth into the issues that arise when vocational and medical testimony is brought into the case. The presenters will identify the steps attorneys should take to prepare the file prior to the administrative hearing, and how to prepare the client to face medical and vocational experts during an administrative hearing. In addition, the course will cover topics such as past relevant work analysis, composite jobs, the grid rules, cross-examination of expert witnesses, and evidence submission.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the five-step analysis of an SSD/SSI claim
  2. Prepare your file and client for a hearing
  3. Conducting hearing testimony and cross-examination of experts
  4. Perform necessary post-hearing follow-up to strengthen the case

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Matthew Cantwell

Law Offices of Barbara B. Comerford

Matthew Cantwell: Prior to joining the Law Offices of Barbara B. Comerford, Mr. Cantwell worked as a solo practitioner in Jersey City, handling a variety of matters in the municipal, criminal, and family courts. Mr. Cantwell then worked for Perkins & Associates, a Jersey City based commercial litigation firm, participating in motion practice and trial preparation. With a career from a variety of practice fields, Mr. Cantwell has always prided himself offering compassionate representation while keeping a grounded perspective of every cases’ issues.

Nicole Thompson

Law Offices of Barbara B. Comerford

Nicole Thompson: Nicole has represented Social Security Disability claimants in both New York and New Jersey and has handled Workers Compensation claims in New York. Prior to working in these practice areas, Nicole worked in Legal Services defending homeowners facing foreclosure by seeking resolutions in the Supreme court and Federal Bankruptcy court. Nicole also advocated for homeowners after Hurricane Sandy to get insurance funds released so those hit by the storm could rebuild their homes.


Hae P.

I would love to see more of SSA topics

Philip S.

very informative and good written information

Evelyn P.

This is a good CLE for learning the basics.

Joseph D.


Barbara S.

Good hands-on guidance, detailed and practical.

Eric B.

Very straight forward presentation to a complicated and substantive administrative process

Davina D.

Very informative. I learned a lot and will apply this knowledge.

Liza C.

This course was a great help and a quick how to!

Ahban S.

This was a great course.

Antoine M.

Good, detailed presentation

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