Addiction and Mental Health in the Legal Profession: The Path to Lawyer Wellness

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Produced on: April 03, 2018

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Time 65 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Research confirms that the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse, depression, stress and anxiety among attorneys, judges and law students is twice that of the general population, but stigma, denial and concerns about confidentiality often prevent legal professionals from getting the help and support they need to recover.

This program, taught by Eileen Travis, Director of Lawyer Assistance Programs at the New York City Bar Association, and Meredith Heller, criminal defense attorney and former chair of the New York City Bar Association's Lawyer Assistance Program, will help attorneys understand the prevalence of substance abuse in the legal profession and its impact on an attorney’s ethical obligations. The program will also help attorneys to identify the signs and symptoms of an addiction and/or mental health problems, and will discuss the incredible network of recovering attorneys, judges and law students in NY and around the country who are committed to helping their colleagues achieve recovery and well being.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the prevalence of substance abuse in the legal profession and its impact on an attorney’s ethical obligations
  2. Identify best practices in approaching someone you are concerned about  
  3. Review the confidential services available through the Lawyer Assistance Program


Meredith Heller

Law Office of Meredith S. Heller

Meredith S. Heller has considerable experience representing clients at both the trial and appellate levels in criminal and civil matters in the state and the federal courts, including arguing cases before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the New York Court of Appeals. She has also counseled attorneys facing discipline and bar applicants in the admissions process.

Meredith is a frequent speaker at CLEs and the Orientation Program for Newly Admitted Attorneys in the First Department where she discusses quality of life issues, substance abuse and the resources available through the Lawyers Assistance Program. She has spoken at the Second Department Orientation Program on civility and professionalism.

Eileen Travis

New York City Bar

Eileen Travis is the Director of the Lawyers’ Assistance Program at the New York City Bar.


Michael W.

very informative

Jamilee K.

I really enjoyed this CLE. I never even knew that the Lawyers Assistance Program existed.

Donna W.

Both speakers demonstrated knowledge and compassion about serious problems.

Bonnie B.

Good information.

Michael H.

Very very current and interesting

John H.


Gabrielle B.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Such a sincere and caring presentation. Please keep up the good work!

Micheal D.

Really enjoyed the format and discussion style. Great examples of behaviors that are not acceptable, how to manage situations and help yourself/ other lawyers.

edwin l.

Good information and resources

John M.

Very compassionate presenters - most effective speakers.

Paul P.

Thank you.

Anthony M.

Keep up the good work.

Edward S.

Simply fabulous program! It's nice to learn about the LAP and how people who need help can get non-judgmental help from our peers!

Ronald F.

I appreciated the ability to work the CLE in around my busy Court schedule.

Andrew P.

Eye opening course Amazing to learn about this topic

Candace B.


leslie f.

This was my first time to use LawLine and it was so easy and great information.

Ethan C.

Good course, as always.

Theresa A.

Thank you!

Sara P.

Great information from both speakers. All lawyers should be informed about this matter

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