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A Primer on COVID-19 Protections for Employers and Employees: Examining New Relief Programs and Existing Employee Protection Laws

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Produced on April 28, 2020

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Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The coronavirus pandemic has occasioned sweeping changes in federal and state laws affecting employers and employees. This program, presented by Jonathan Bernstein, will focus on government programs available to help employers avoid layoffs and furloughs as well as protections for employees in various situations: e.g., those who require sick leave because they or a relative have contracted the virus or are quarantined, have been laid off, wish to continue working, fear working but are required to, or wish to work but only if provided with personal protective equipment. We will also review generally applicable employee-protection laws, particularly disability discrimination laws, and how they are applicable to employees who have been or are thought to have been, exposed to coronavirus.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of the new government programs available to help employers avoid layoffs and furloughs
  2. Identify protections for employees in various situations, such as for those who require sick leave because they or a relative have contracted the virus or are quarantined, fear working but are required to, or wish to continue working but cannot
  3. Review previously existing employee-protection laws, particularly disability discrimination laws, and how they are applicable to employees who have been exposed to coronavirus 

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Jonathan Bernstein

Meenan & Associates

Jonathan is a dedicated and fervent advocate for workplace fairness for public and private workers. He is well versed in the complex laws and rules that regulate relationships between workers and their employers providing practical and pro-active counsel. His range of knowledge in employment law makes him a valued resource in negotiating executive compensation packages, severance agreements, and settlements of workplace disputes.

Jonathan represents workers in arbitration proceedings pursuant to both written contracts or employer mandate. His knowledge of employment law provides a valuable resource to all involved in the process often motivating a just resolution for those he represents. He is thoroughly familiar with the rules of arbitration and the presentation of evidence at these proceedings. If necessary, he will ensure the arbitration award is confirmed in Court to protect the rights and interests of those he represents in the arbitration process.

Many small businesses rely on Jonathan’s expertise to provide guidance on workplace practices and various labor laws and compliance issues. Jonathan provides meaningful assistance to start-ups, entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners regarding business structures, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, bylaws, commercial leases, and internal practices.

Jonathan is proud to serve as outside counsel in labor and employment matters to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Argentina to the United Nations. The Permanent Mission is committed to respecting federal, state and City laws protecting workers (even though diplomatic missions are not required to do so).


Mia V.

Great job on such new material!

Karen H.

Very basic but a good review - I know it is expiring soon. Would be good to do an update and review of how the federal COVID leave programs worked. How many people took leave? How many denied?

Charlene L.

Good information.

Thomas D.

Superb analysis!

Sarah R.

The content was (obviously) timely, and I found it informative given that I work with small business employers addressing COVID issues. The presenter was effective and comfortable with presenting.

Dina D.

Great synopsis of a rapidly emerging situation

Susan M.

I do not practice in NY, but it was an informative session.

Marcia B.

Very good course.

Lee E.

good course

Ann S.


Karen S.

Excellent overview of evolving, changing law in a time of crisis. Wish the Resource page had hyperlinks when downloaded the course materials PPT. Thank you.

Carl K.


carol b.

Difficult and dry topic.

Andrew P.

Very interesting and helpful Thank you

Peter C.

Area is still evolving. Difficult to give answers.

Alexander S.

Succinct and informative


Very on point

Lorenzo L.

The information was New York State specific, but very valuable in the context of the uncertainties inherent in COVID-19 pandemic.

carrolyn g.

Excellent information for current pandemic especially given the speed at which things are evolving.

Stacey W.

Nice presentation

Venola R.

I thought the two hyptheticals given were helpful. Also, it is important to emphasize that fear is not enough to trigger protection of these laws. Wow!

Robert K.

Good information.

Inyeai O.

It is unfortunate that the law does not protect employees who are able to work but have compromised immune systems due to age, chronic illness etc. Hopefully, they will be able to work remotely if possible.

Kathleen D.

Solid presentation.

Michael W.

Timely and well done course

Malvina M.


Kevin R.

4 is intended as good

Jill L.

Useful information.

Ammie H.

I appreciate the presenter's honesty in addressing questions. This is a fluid topic, and nobody has definitive answers at this juncture. However, his guidance was helpful.

Jodi J.

He did a good job for an area of the law that is changing and moving every day

Martha L.

So great

Lily L.

Great topic...looking forward for more related cle

Pamella M.

Excellent overview and hypotheticals regarding an emerging area of the law - thank you for putting this together!

LeeAnn C.

Great webinar - current and relevant information. Very helpful!

Kathleen C.

Too New York law specific.

Richard S. N.

good presentation

Daniel H.

The accompanying slides were excellent. The presenter covered most of the more important points.

Adam M.

Thorough and clear

Mark S.


Jenn H.


Eric B.

Detailed overview of a very timely topic..

Ahban S.

This was a great course.

Solmaz M.

Thank you this was very informative

Ferdinando ("Fred") P.

Very Informative

Michael C.

Im in NYC very helpful

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