A Practical Guide to Hiring, Performance Management, and Termination of Employees

Production Date: May 04, 2015 Practice Areas: Labor & Employment Law Estimated Length: 5507 minutes


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This program, presented by Kelly Bird and Susan Nardone,  Directors in Gibbons P.C.'s Employment and Labor Practice Group, addresses employer obligations at all stages of an employee's "life" with a company.


Ms. Nardone and Ms. Bird explain how recent legislation impacts job postings, permissible inquiries on job applications, and background checks, with a focus on "Ban the Box" laws and the Joint Guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Federal Trade Commission.  They also provide an overview of pre-employment drug testing and I-9 compliance based upon the revised I-9 form.  


In addition, this program offers best practices and guidelines for effective performance management  and discipline of employees that will help support employer decisions and withstand later scrutiny or challenge.  Finally, the program provides employers with the tools to navigate the termination of an employee in order to reduce risk, including a checklist  that employers should follow when planning an employee's final day with a company.  Throughout the program, Ms. Bird and Ms. Nardone provide practical advice on recommended employer policies and procedures.


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Grasp what information may be obtained and used at various stages in the hiring process, the requirements for pre-employment drug testing, and the basic I-9 completion process

II.  Identify best practices for performance management and discipline and the repercussions of failing to address and document performance concerns in a timely and effective manner

III. Establish guidelines for involuntary employee terminations and understand the options for reducing risk

IV. Develop  policy and procedure modifications that will help improve your company's hiring, performance management, and termination processes


Marsha S. B.
New York, NY

The speakers presented a good combination of practical and legal information . I would like to see a 2018 version of this program which would include an emphasis on codes of conduct and anti-sexual harassment issues.

Della S.
Coto de Caza, CA

Thank you. Very knowledgeable presenters and helpful slides.

Steven H.
Plantation, FL

Very thorough overview iof a very sensitive area of law.

Lauren B.
Ithaca, NY

especially appreciated the advice on giving performance reviews

Ron H.
Waltham, MA


John B.
San Clemente, CA

Good Course

Mary Kay B.
Philadelphia, PA

good for business owners, not just lawyers

Michael W.
Orange, CT

Two good knowledgeable speakers

Sarah K.
Poughkeepsie, NY

This is by far the best CLE seminar I have taken at LawLine. These attorneys presented the information in a way that made it interesting and informational...and didn't make me want to fall asleep! Please get these two attorneys again!

Jill S.
Pittsford, NY

The speakers were both very good and knowledgeable.

Steve S.
delray beach, FL


Kenneth B G.
Great Neck, NY

Very solid presentation!

Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

Very informative

Richard R.
Juno Beach, FL

clear, concise, of real practical value

Kenneth M.
Las Vegas, NV

Great program A

george h.
Crawfordville, FL

In my opinion the presenters made a great team. Thank you.

Christine M.
Denver, CO

Great presenters.

Darren S.
Colorado Springs, CO

Good instructors.

Richard H.
Manhattan Beach, CA

good class

Tat Man S.
Manhattan, NY

Great program!

irina a.
reno, NV

very good overview of hire/fire practice. make sure to consult your state law.

John B.
Reston, VA

Good presentation

Geoffrey W.
arlington, VA

Very good high level summary with concise practical advice.

Taylor B.
Arlington, VA

Really informative; great course!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

A nice overview.

Lawrence K.
Agoura Hills, CA

Very good course.

Lori B.
Alpharetta, GA

Good content. Well presented.

Richard B.
New York, NY

Very detailed

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Good introductory course on employment law, hiring, personnel reviews and termination.

Michael G.
Loveland, CO

Very informative, thank you!

Christyann P.
Springfield, VA

good overview of topics to consider for employee evaluations and hiring

Thomas S.
Chicago, IL

Very good.

Selina C.
brooklyn, NY

thoroughly enjoyable

Dana P.
Rockville, MD

Technically sound and useful, practical advice.

Pauline M.
Fuquay Varina, NC

Very good speakers!

Salvatore T.
Bloomingdale, IL

Excellent presentation !

Caitlin L.
Park City, UT

Nice refresher course.

Colleen W.
Somers, NY

very informative

Jonathan S.
Manhattan, NY


Patricia C.
Williamsburg, VA

great material good presentation

Patrick O.
Brooklyn, NY

Absolutely top notch. They know everything it seems and share it generously. A pleasure to listen to something I have only limited of that everyone -- employee and employer -- should know.

Ken N.
Maple Valley, WA

Excellent seminar, I learned a lot.

Norman S.
Glen Cove, NY


kiran H.
Williston Park, NY

Good review on performance issues

Leonard G.
Boynton Beach, FL

Excellent presentation. Well organized.

Jeffrey S.
Menlo Park, CA

very clear and well organized.

Dennis G.

Great primer course.

Retha M.
Columbus, GA

This course exceeded my expectations in providing up-to-date information and materials!

Diane E.
Justice, IL

very effective presentation

Michael N.
San Ramon, CA

Informative discussion for real world and the 90 minutes just flew by as you would expect with excellent presenters.

William D.
Denver, CO

Very informative. Thank you.

Carolyn B.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent! Wish I had heard it a year ago.

Sally B.
Longmont, CO

Excellent info for my practice - Pratt would like

Annmarie C.
Boulder, CO

One of the most informative employee hiring/firing presentations I have ever seen; very well presented

Christopher L.
Philadelphia, PA

This was a solid and useful CLE; materials were very good as were the instructors.

Tonya Y.
Westminster, CO

Good summary of employer duties.

Steven W.
Squaw Valley, CA

Good tips

Elizabeth F.
Clifton, VA

Excellent Program

James T.
Troy, MI

Very good speakers

Kimberly G.
Westport, CT

Great speakers.

Holly H.
Stafford, VA

Good and practical advice

Robert F.
Sterling, VA

Very fine speakers

Joan K L.
Arlington, VA

Effectively presented

William R.
Savannah, TN


Davina D.
Portsmouth, VA

A wealth of great, applicable information.

Yvenne K.
Ashburn, VA

Good presentation!!

Timothy D.
Alexandria, VA

Great written materials

Jacquelyn C.
Waynesburg, PA

Great, practical program. Interesting and professional presenters.

Kimberly S.
Manhattan, NY

Kelly and Susan were absolutely wonderful - informative, clear and engaging!

Barbara L.
Norfolk, VA

Very informative.

Austin, TX

A complex topic was made very easy for one trying to get the overview.

Jacob S.
Henrico, VA

Information was very basic. Helpful if you have little background in employment law, but not as helpful if you have any experience in employment law.

Michele S.
Georgetown, TX

Excellent course.

Heather B.
Chicago, IL

Good content, good presentation.

Celeste D.
Washington, DC

Great program

Virginia E.
Henrico, VA

Great coverage by the presenters on the practical side of employee retention.

Charles S.
Rochester, NH

Decent update for the generalist. Has prompted me to review our interviewing do's and don'ts to make sure they are up to date

Lisa D.
Jacksonville, FL

Very informative. Useful information.

Kimberly D.
Wheaton, IL

This is a great topic and could be a longer course with more detail.

Lawrence P.
Madison, AL

I learned a lot from the presentation. It was well done!

Angela A.
New York, NY

Very informative presentation.

Jonathan L.
Newton Highlands, MA

informative and good course materials

John B.
San Antonio, TX

Very good primer on functional labor law

Burke, VA


Judith Marie F.
Houston, TX

Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation - concise and relevant regardless of which state you practice.

Benje S.
Ashburn, VA

Very informative.

Stephen B.
New Orleans, LA

Good overview!

Susan F.
Mill Valley, CA

Very good presentation. I enjoyed having two speakers and it was helpful in keeping me engaged in the presentation.

Charles B.
washington, DC

very informative

Sheri L.
Rex, GA

the notes that were presented during the presentation were very helpful for additional study and the format for submitting comments and questions is unique.

Tamela B.
Sacramento, CA

I reall enjoyed this presentation. Good information to know.

Daniel O.
Bangor, PA

good course; useful information.

Drake B.
Birmingham, AL


andy a.
Hendersonville, TN

great course

James M.
Broomfield, CO

Presenters were excellent. Lots of common sense advise, very practical..

Lisa L.
Buena Vista, CO

Good program

Bill H.
Tyler, TX

nice presentation

JoAnne P.
Freeport, NY

Good job. Very helpful

William G.
Flowood, MS


Jennie W.
Washington, DC

I work in this area, and the speakers did a great job of covering some issues that were relatively new to me. Excellent presentation - thanks!

Karin R.
Denver, CO

Good program

John R.
Charlottesville, VA

Excellent seminar. Presenters were very well versed in topic and presentation was straightforward and without any issues.

Shannon A.
Durham, NC

Excellent detail and advice captured in the presentation slides.

Teresa K.
Parker, CO

Good speakers, presented the topic in a clear and organized way.

Lori P.
Virginia Beach, VA

Speakers were great and kept my attention.

Michael C.
Ashburn, VA

One of the best CLE courses I have ever seen. Very interesting and practical advice.

Thomas K.
Chesapeake, VA

Both speakers were terrific!

Stephen O.
Washington, DC

Very informative

Phillip M.
Novato, CA

Both great instructors. Lots of valuable practice tips.

Robert N.
Alexandria, VA


Donna S.
Herndon, VA

Great speakers. Very informative and well done.

Kevin M.
Glen Allen, VA

Very good.

Colleen K.
Arlington, VA

Great seminar!

Steven P.
Pinehurst, NC

excellent program. wonderful speakers kept things moving nicely.

Frank C.
Washington, DC

Good Seminar. Interesting items. Materials seemed to be industry specific.

Hueytown, AL

Enjoyed lesson

Dan H.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Informative and well organized.

Theodore W.
Lincoln, NE

Great comments about state law.

Thomas L.
Allentown, PA

Good overview for general practicioner

Richard H.
Darien, CT

Very informative with practical advice.

cindy m.
Montclair, NJ

Thank you. Your presentations were thorough and substantive. Delivery was exceptional.

Teresa M.
San Diego, CA

I enjoyed the comparison they provided with the various state laws to the appplicable federal laws

Nathaniel F.

Excellent presentation through and clear.

Robert C.
New York, NY

Really comprehensive.

sheila c.
River Forest, IL

Nice interactions and segues between the two attorneys.

Walter T.
Yorktown, VA