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A Practical Guide to Hiring, Performance Management, and Termination of Employees

1h 31m

Created on May 04, 2015



This program, presented by Kelly Bird and Susan Nardone,  Directors in Gibbons P.C.'s Employment and Labor Practice Group, addresses employer obligations at all stages of an employee's "life" with a company.


Ms. Nardone and Ms. Bird explain how recent legislation impacts job postings, permissible inquiries on job applications, and background checks, with a focus on "Ban the Box" laws and the Joint Guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Federal Trade Commission.  They also provide an overview of pre-employment drug testing and I-9 compliance based upon the revised I-9 form.  


In addition, this program offers best practices and guidelines for effective performance management  and discipline of employees that will help support employer decisions and withstand later scrutiny or challenge.  Finally, the program provides employers with the tools to navigate the termination of an employee in order to reduce risk, including a checklist  that employers should follow when planning an employee's final day with a company.  Throughout the program, Ms. Bird and Ms. Nardone provide practical advice on recommended employer policies and procedures.


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Grasp what information may be obtained and used at various stages in the hiring process, the requirements for pre-employment drug testing, and the basic I-9 completion process

II.  Identify best practices for performance management and discipline and the repercussions of failing to address and document performance concerns in a timely and effective manner

III. Establish guidelines for involuntary employee terminations and understand the options for reducing risk

IV. Develop  policy and procedure modifications that will help improve your company's hiring, performance management, and termination processes


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