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A Practical Guide to ERISA Long Term Disability Claims

1h 2m

Created on July 12, 2022





This course, taught by Jennifer Hess and Ryan McIntyre, attorneys and lecturers on disability insurance law topics, will provide a comprehensive overview of how to successfully handle long-term disability claims subject to ERISA. This course will provide practical tips and cover the key steps you must take to increase your client's chances of claim approval, while also identifying when it is appropriate to file an administrative appeal or civil action.

The program also will review the basic rights and protections that ERISA provides to long-term disability claimants, together with the core policy terms that attorneys must understand before handling these matters.  A basic understanding of the relevant regulations and the core policy terms is critical. 

This course will benefit attorneys confronting long-term disability claim inquiries or handling these claims. The program will familiarize attorneys with the ERISA long-term disability claim process, provide valuable tips to proactively develop a strong strategy, and instruct how to maximize their client's chances of claim approval.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define long term disability

  2. Delineate between long term disability and Social Security Disability

  3. Identify basic ERISA protections, core policy terms, potential offsets, and reductions to benefits

  4. Review the long term disability claim process and strategies to win long term disability claims

  5. Clarify when a client has the right to file a civil action under ERISA

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