A Practical Approach to Medical Malpractice Litigation (Update)

Production Date: September 22, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence and Litigation Estimated Length: 5481 minutes


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Medical malpractice cases are among the most complex personal injury cases to litigate. This introductory course provides a 360 degree review of medical malpractice litigation from inception to trial. 


Here, attorneys Richard Abend and Josh Silber examine when to pursue certain cases and, even more important, when to reject a case. They discuss how to identify the proper parties and the appropriate standard of care. They then focus on how to prepare a case pre-suit and pre-trial, focusing on avoiding common pitfalls.  


Mr. Abend and Mr. Silber also examine finding quality expert witnesses and preparation before trial, as well as the cross-examination of physician defendants and experts at deposition and trial. Finally, they review the anatomy of a medical malpractice trial from jury selection to summation.


Learning Objectives:

I.           Determine what qualifies as medical malpractice 

II.          Understand medical records

III.         Find and work with expert witnesses

IV.         Comprehend the way statutes of limitations are generally calculated in relation to medical care

V.          Grasp the elements of various malpractice cases

VI.         Gain insight about proximate causation

VII.        Assess the client’s damages

VIII.       Review the general pleadings and discovery and the basics of trial preparation

IX.         Develop techniques for depositions of parties and experts

Brian B.
New York, NY

The lecture was informative

Dennis S.
Bedford, NY

I thought both were very good and not boring. They were entertaining and competent to listen to ; a rare combination. I would very much like to see them do a deposition presentation.

Robert P.
Norristown, PA

Thank you Lawline.


I found the course to be highly informative, professional and well-structured.

Ruth R.
Queensbury, NY

Both Lawyers made very professional presentations and worked well together in presenting. There is a great deal to know in handling medical malpractice cases, and to their credit, the faculty acknowledged the limitations of this single course. but it was a very solid introduction.

Danielle G.
New York, NY

Nice general program on medical malpractice.

michael d.
watchung, NJ


connie b.
Pleasantville, NY


Michael M.
Torrance, CA

All of the information presented is highly useful. Thank you so much.

Joyce L.
Uniondale, NY

This was an extremely basic course, suitable for new lawyers. It was enjoyable, but I wouldn't have taken it, if I knew it was a beginner's lecture. The speakers were great.

Ellen K.
Mill Valley, CA

excellent...excellent...excellent..thank you..

Steve S.
delray beach, FL

Ugreat stuff

Tudor N.
Philadelphia, PA

Good trial prep for PI cases.

Mark T.
Dover, DE

Thank you

Ellen B.
Staten Island, NY

Great supplemental materials.

Phillip S.
Brooklyn, NY

Great CLE! Thank you!

Amanda C.
Ridgewood, NJ

One of the best lectures I have listened to so far. Excellent insights!

Ruth R.
Stamford, CT

Great presentation

george h.
Crawfordville, FL

In my opinion the presenters make a great team. They delivered salient information in a concise manner. Thank you.

joseph h.
Bronx, NY

Very informative. Excellent style of presentation.

Vasiliki N.
Lake Oswego, OR

Good speakers, practical considerations.

Steven B.
Colorado Springs, CO

These two attorneys were terrific. Very pragmatic advice and tips. Would call them first if a plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney was needed by me or my family.

Matthew B.
Klamath Falls, OR

Excellent presenters.

Thomas D.
Cullman, AL


francis m.
Long Beach, NY

Outstanding...but beware of thinking I can do med mal after an hour and a half.

Michael G.
Loveland, CO

good program

Trevor C.
Castle Rock, CO

Great program. Very practical and right on point.

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent interplay between instructors.

Shengming S.

very good

Gang Z.
New York, NY

Richard and Josh are fantastic.

Michael S.
Palisades, NY


Judith R.
Short Hills, LB

presenters were extraordinarily knowledgeable in their med mal field

Bobby P.
Centreville, VA

Excellent program.

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

The attorneys covered a lot of useful material. Thank you.

Willie F.
Dallas, TX

Really liked these guys, they were good -- style was enjoyable and good substance!

Corey E.
Renton, WA

Very Informative!

Joanne W.
Brewster, NY

These two attorneys were excellent presenters

Jennifer M.
Long Beach, CA


Kurt C.
Houston, TX

Thank you.

Marc P.
Longmont, CO

Great presentation

Autumn W.
Red Lion, PA

Medical malpractice is not my general area of practice, however, I have taken a case and the information contained in this course was very informative. Thank you.

Kenan Y.
Freeport, NY

Great course

William M.

excellent guide

Edward P.
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One of the best courses I have ever taken.

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Outstanding program, extremely cohesive and informative

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Thank you.

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Incredibly helpful and informative - fantastic insight! Thank you!

Paul S.
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Good basic overview from knowledgable presenters. thanks.

Matthew W.
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I refer all my personal injury and med mal cases to Richard and Josh. They are the best and have gotten us GREAT results.

Kimberley U.
Seattle, WA

Engaging speakers

arthur f.
Omak, WA

so interesting--I took lots of notes.

Dwayne R.
Seattle, WA

Very thorough. Lot's of great stuff for investigation possible malpractice.

Chris P.
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Expertly done!

Dan R.
Roseville, CA

Very informative and engaging.

Gregory G.
Noblesville, IN

Good lecture.

jesus D.
Houston, TX

very good, worth taking

Erin B.
Salamanca, NY

Very good.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

This was actually one of the best courses I have ever taken. The presenters were obviously knowledgeable, prepared, and worthwhile.

Carol Lynn E.
Dix Hills, NY

The 2 speakers were very informative. These particular 2 speakers were very engaging in audio format.

William R.
Reading, PA


Hugh A. P.
Fort Worth, TX

Good program

James C.
new york, NY

Very informative

Ellen C.
Rockaway Park, NY

Succinct and superb!

Matthias G.
Homewood, IL

excellent re case selection

Barbara S.
Forest Hills, NY

The two lecturers made a good team and the presentation was clear with great examples, practical explanation of real life problems such as how to try to find doctors to serve as expert witnesses, being careful about statute of limitations issues, how to get medical standard of care from college of internal medicine, NOT just general concepts without specifics on how it actually gets done in practice, but real professional practice knowledge being shared by the lecturers here.

Julie C.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Really a fabulous presentation. The supplemental PDF is the best I've seen so far. Thank you so much for sharing all the forms! Not my practice area, but really appreciate the generosity. I will certainly call you if a NY case comes my way (I'm down in Florida). Thank you!

James L.
Staten Island, NY

Good review.

Rachel G.
Rogers City, MI

Well done. If there were "5"s on the rating scale I would give it 5 stars.

David G.
Evanston, IL

This was a very good lecture.

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

I thought that the presentation was excellent!!! I have a slant on the issue because my prior firm did mostly defense work in med mal cases!!! These attorneys seem to be very careful in evaluating cases and selecting cases where they can prove medical malpractice--requiring solid evidence of malpractice before they sue the physician!!! That approach makes sense and seems fair!!!

Elyssa L.
Boca Raton, FL

Excellent discussion. Very knowledgeable and interesting speakers.

Ana M. M.
New York, NY

Excellent speakers

David W.
Miami Beach, FL

These guys knew what they were talking about.

Edward M.
San Augustine, TX

Very interesting. Very informative. Good, learned experienced speakers.

Richard C.
Chicago, IL

Subject was large enough to have supported many more hours of discussion

Jacob Z.
New York, NY


Dane R.
Hanover, PA

Superb explanation of fundamentals of medical malpractice cases. Great course. Very effective to have the two name partners present the course.

Stanley F.
Washington, DC, DC


Veronica O.
Franklin Square, NY

Well presented introductory medical malpractice program-

Nirav P.
Birmingham, AL

Outstanding discussion between medical malpractice partners regarding case selection and discovery. Wish course had more time (or credits) devoted to trial preparation and execution. As a plastic surgeon (in training) and as a New York attorney, I found

Daniel O.
Bangor, PA

Useful discussion' extensive handout.

Charles S.
Arlington, VA

Good overview.

Kevin S.
Chapel Hill, NC

Another well presented subject; speakers on point and practical.

Stuart T.
Portland, OR

very complete overview of this type of claim

Terence S.
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Dale S.
Portland, OR

very informative

Dawn U.
North Brunswick, NJ

I appreciated their style. I felt like I was honored to have a sit down session with two seasoned practitioners, which I appreciated more than listening to a lecture. Their love for their subject matter was apparent. To them, thank you for taking the t

Tyler C.
Moore, OK

Very good guide to med mal.

TeriMichelle J.
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Presenters were knowledgeable and articulate. Great practice tips

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Great Presentation

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