A Lawyer’s Guide to Power Purchase Agreements for Renewable Energy

Production Date: May 24, 2017 Practice Areas: Environmental Law and Oil, Gas, & Energy Law Estimated Length: 3786 minutes


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The presentation is intended to address power purchase agreements and related documents for renewable energy developments. It will also give a brief overview of developments in law and policy on the federal and state levels affecting renewable energy initiatives. 

Topics to be covered include the current state of renewable energy use and development in the U.S., an overview of power purchase agreements and related documents, practice tips and broader policy discussions about renewable energy now and in the future.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn about the popularity and current status of renewable energy use in the U.S. continuing after the 2016 election
  2. Explore ways for clients (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional) to take advantage of current programs and investment opportunities
  3. Discuss specific programs designed to spur the popularity and availability of renewable energy sources, using New York as a guide
  4. Explore practice tips related to power purchase agreements, engineering procurement, and construction contracts and solar leases
kathleen s.
clifton, NJ

good course

Lawrence R.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Very informative for a cutting edge issue.

Lisa D.
Jackson, NJ

Very informative.

Derek W.
Shelbyville, KY

Well done.

Jeff D.
Vashon, WA

very detailed and "accessible" information

Kelly H.
Cranford, NJ

Having two people speak rather than one makes it more engaging to follow.

Brian H.
Los Angeles, CA

interesting topic on renewables

Karen P.
Chicago, IL

good overview and detailed

Jeremy S.
Garrison, NY

very good