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A Guide to Variable & Fixed Index Annuities For Attorneys

1h 30m

Created on May 20, 2019



Deferred annuities are long-term investments for which claims typically arise only after several years. Today there is over two trillion dollars in outstanding deferred annuity accounts across all economic sectors growing by two hundred billion dollars annually. They are actively advertised and promoted for their safety, income, benefits, and guarantees. While the annuity industry benefits substantially from deferral, the benefits of deferral for investors are questionable if not problematic.

Deferred annuities are encountered in all areas of practice, particularly elder law, retirement, and in areas where valuation and sustainability are concerned, which means that many attorneys will encounter these types of investment vehicles. Understanding the basics of this pervasive investment are essential to identifying potential legal claims or heading off potential litigation in the future. This program will provide attorneys with the basic tools to determine if the costs and drag of deferred annuities actually benefits or injures the investor, and to make well-informed decisions in proceeding with a claim.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of Deferred Annuities
  2. Perform cost-benefit analyses of deferrals and their alternatives
  3. Analyze of offering materials and sales brochures
  4. Identify valuation issues, including commissions, incentives, and conflicts of interest
  5. Calculate damage methodologies
  6. Prepare for arbitration in annuity claims

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