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A Guide to Righteous and Wrongful Evictions in California (Audio Only)

1h 1m

Created on January 30, 2018



This program discusses the topic of wrongful eviction in California. It will provide an  overview of the typical causes of actions under state law and local ordinances, and the types of common claims that arise such as owner move-in sham, constructive eviction due to habitability, and retaliatory eviction.

The speakers, San Francisco landlord-tenant attorneys Lan Fullerton and Jethro Busch, will also provide practical guidance as to common issues related to: defenses, burdens of proof, definitions for “dominant motive” and “bad faith”, how to maximize/minimize damages, the measure of damages, and insurance related issues. They will also provide practical strategy tactics and tips.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify when an eviction is wrongful under state and local law, the causes of actions for, and types of claims related to the same
  2. Review defenses to wrongful eviction
  3. Discuss common issues and practical solutions related to litigating wrongful eviction lawsuits

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