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A Guide to Copyright Enforcement Strategy and Damages Analysis

1h 5m

Created on November 10, 2020





Copyright owners should have a comprehensive understanding of the means and requirements for monetizing and enforcing their copyright, and of the potential remedies available if infringement occurs. The facts of the case and (sometimes) the venue where the lawsuit is filed will determine the damages available, including statutory damages, and other remedies such as attorneys' fees. There is little guidance in the Copyright Act on damages recovery and the courts have broad discretion when dealing with monetary remedies. Our faculty will guide counsel on copyright enforcement strategy and damages analysis. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the requirements for obtaining a copyright registration and consequences for improperly completing a copyright application

  2. Obtain effective enforcement strategies

  3. Explore the available damages and other remedies that copyright owners may pursue when their rights have been infringed

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