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A Great Lawyer Must Be a Great Negotiator: Skills for You to Be the Best Negotiator in the Room


Created on November 10, 2016



A lawyer's ability to negotiate is in many ways the most important skill a lawyer can have.  In this course, Technology Lawyer, negotiator, commentator, author, and frequent speaker on negotiating skills, Mark Grossman gives you the benefit of what he learned in his 30 plus years as a negotiator. Mr. Grossman utilizes Grossman-ism: "he who drafts sets the agenda" to discuss how to successfully approach a negotiation, genuinely listen during a negotiation, and even how to use back channel communication and technology such as WebEx to help move negotiations along.

As a bonus to movie buffs everywhere, he also discusses how to use an important takeaway in team negotiating strategy from Marlon Brando in "The Godfather."  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the importance of knowing your BATNA - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

  2. Recognize why listening is an important negotiating skill
  3. Handle people who use bullying as a negotiating tactic
  4. Successfully negotiate in foreign countries
  5. Use the mere passage of time to your advantage
  6. Get the other side to reveal their unspoken agenda
  7. Trade items that are unimportant to you to gain important concessions
  8. Strategically use escalations to gain concessions
  9. Differentiate those rare situations where email negotiations help
  10. Identify how to use "authority" and "lack of authority" strategically
  11. Negotiate precise contract language

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