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A Field Manual for Truck Wreck Litigation in Georgia


Created on May 11, 2021





If you want to win your truck wreck case in Georgia, you need to know the rules. This is true for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Truck accidents and car accidents are different. Commercial vehicles have added regulations, unusual evidentiary issues, and unique experts. 

This course will teach you the basics about truck accident litigation in Georgia. The course is great for folks who have just received a truck wreck case and do not know where to turn. We discuss everything from getting the first call to litigating your case. We will look at things from both the injured person and the truck company's perspectives to give you a balanced view.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the common legal issues that arise in truck wrecks

  2. Identify the steps to take when you get a call about a truck accident

  3. Discuss best practices for litigating your truck wreck case

  4. Locate experts that may be helpful to in a truck accident

  5. Strategize on claims and defenses for your truck case

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