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Insurance Annual Caselaw Update (2024)

1h 3m

Created on January 17, 2024





This program, taught by Tae Andrews and Krysta Woodcock of Pasich, explores the most important insurance decisions from 2023 under a variety of insurance policies and coverages, and the importance of these rulings for other policyholders. Mr. Andrews and Ms. Woodcock will also preview some of the blockbuster decisions that will be issued in 2024 and similarly explain the importance of these rulings for other insureds.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and evaluate the significance of landmark insurance decisions issued in 2023

  2. Apply the key takeaways from these rulings to other policyholders with similar policy language 

  3. Explore currently pending blockbuster insurance decisions likely to come down in 2024

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