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2020 Post-Election Analysis: State of the Race, Ballot Access, and Election-Based Litigation

1h 3m

Created on November 16, 2020




The 2020 Election cycle promises to be a monumental event, with more Americans expected to vote in the November general election than ever before, and an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has created many election-related complications at the local, state, and federal levels. This post-election presentation, delivered by Rajiv Parikh, Chair of the  Election Law & Litigation Practice at Genova Burns, reviews the efforts that officials made to ensure safe access to the ballot in the midst of these exceptional circumstances, while maintaining the integrity of and the public's confidence in the 2020 Presidential, Senate, House, state and local elections. The program will look at some of the highlights of election-related litigation across the country, review changes to voting processes and how they functioned, and provide an analysis and overview of pending post-election matters.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Survey pending election-related litigation across the country
  2. Analyze the potential outcomes and impact of these pending post-election matters
  3. Identify recently implemented changes to voting processes and their effect on the recent election

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