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2020 Federal Patent Caselaw Update

1h 9m

Created on October 19, 2020





Patent law continues to change rapidly, with important precedential decisions being issued by the Federal Circuit and Patent Trial and Appeal Board every few weeks. This program, taught by experienced patent litigator Christopher Loh, will keep in-house patent practitioners and outside counsel updated on the latest developments in patent case law.  This includes a review of the Thryv Supreme Court decision and its impact on the Federal Circuit's ability to address issues in inter partes reviews, a roundup of 101 decisions, and important precedential decisions from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize recent Federal Circuit Court decisions and Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  2. Identify substantive legal impacts and procedural issues for IP stakeholders
  3. Advise IP stakeholders on how best to address new challenges raised by recent developments in patent case law 

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