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Can I fulfill my CLE credits requirements with CLE online courses?

Every state allows for some CLE credits to be satisfied online. Depending on your state, the amount of CLE online courses you can take for CLE credit will vary. It is important to know your state’s specific CLE requirements to decide how many CLE credits you can take online. You can view your CLE lawyer requirements by clicking your state on the map above.

How can an attorney get CLE credits online?

By watching online CLE classes! Attorneys get CLE credits and fulfill their CLE online by getting access to CLE classes in one of two ways:

  1. Get CLE credits in one CLE online package: Commonly called “compliance bundles”, attorneys are given a preselected package of the best online CLE courses. No searching for courses or counting credits. Just take all the courses and fulfill your CLE online. View online CLE packages relevant to your state .
  2. Get CLE credits with access to a CLE Online Catalog. Commonly called “Unlimited CLE”, attorneys are given access to a CLE catalog covering various practice areas and interests. This allows for attorneys to get CLE credits by choosing CLE courses that are relevant to them. View Unlimited CLE online.

Additional CLE Resources for Attorneys: