Matthew Cook


The idea for Panopticon Labs was born when Matt, a 15-year online banking fraud industry professional and avid video gamer, realized that the fraud experienced by video games mirrored the online fraud and account takeover that banks have been working to prevent for years. As he began to research game companies’ responses to this problem, it became clear that they were devoting significant resources to stopping it, but were primarily relying on outdated, inefficient systems or manual processes that could be easily defeated by fraudsters. Most recently, Matt worked as a senior product manager for Guardian Analytics, a Silicon Valley-based start up that used behavioral analytics to protect financial institutions from fraud. Matt was the product owner for FraudMap ACH, a product that grossed the company $8 million in sales in its first six months on the market. He knows financial fraud and how to design products that work at preventing it, but he also brings 35 years of video gaming experience to the company.

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