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Joni S. Mantell, LCSW, Director of the IAC Center is a psychotherapist and recognized authority on the psychological and social aspects of family building through fertility treatments, sperm and egg donation, gestational carrier arrangements and adoption.

She holds an MSW degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Certification in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy from the Post Graduate Center for Mental Health in NYC.  She has specialized in fertility and adoption since 1993.

In 2002 she founded the Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center in New Jersey and New York City to provide a safe and professionally guided place for people whose lives have been touched by adoption, fertility treatments, and third party reproductive options. Counselors at the Center are trained in a unique lifelong short-term therapy model developed by IAC Center Director Joni Mantell. This model successfully teaches people coping skills to deal with the emotional, social and relationship issues that may occur during the family building process and over the course of the life cycle. The Center also works with all adoption triad members and provides open adoption mediations.

Ms. Mantell also does the psychosocial evaluations for two local Fertility Clinics for patients planning to use donor sperm or egg, or gestational carriers; and in this context has also worked with a hundreds of heterosexual and same-sex couples; and singles considering these options.

Ms. Mantell is a frequent writer and contributor to the "Ask the Expert" column for Adoptive Families magazine where she is particularly known for her expertise in helping individuals and couples to emotionally ‘Cross the Bridge to Adoption’; and for her capacities to integrate and to differentiate adoption, child development and other psychological issues in her understanding of each individual and family situation. Most recently she wrote the “Open Adoption Reference Guide” for the magazine. 

She is an active Professional member of the Mental Health Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, RESOLVE and the American Fertility Association. 

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