Gianni Pirelli


Dr. Pirelli received his Ph.D. from The Graduate Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is a Licensed Psychologist in New Jersey (#4975) and New York (#019418). His experience includes work in a number of inpatient and outpatient settings, including hospitals, psychiatric centers, and correctional facilities. Specifically, he trained and worked in 13 settings over the past 12 years: 4 hospital/inpatient, 4 outpatient, 3 forensic/inpatient, and 2 prisons. 


Dr. Pirelli currently maintains a private practice in clinical and forensic psychology, particularly in the area of forensic mental health assessment. He conducts a wide range of clinical and clinical-forensic evaluations in a variety of criminal and civil legal matters, including but not limited to:


Criminal:  (a) Criminal Competencies; (b) Mental State at the time of the Offense/Criminal Responsibility; and (c) Sentencing Mitigation


Civil: (a) Personal Injury; (b) Workers’ Compensation/Disability; (c) Civil Commitment, incl. Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) evaluations; (d)  Employment Harassment/Discrimination;  (e) Civil Capacities, including Guardianship evaluations; and (f) Parenting Capacity/Risk


Other: (a) Firearm Evaluations (attaining ID cards and reinstatement); (b) Fitness-for-Duty; 

(c) Immigration; and (d) Violence and/or Sexual Risk Assessment 


Dr. Pirelli is also an Assistant Professor in Montclair State University's Psychology Department and an Adjunct Professor in Fairleigh Dickinson University's M.A. program in Forensic Psychology. He has taught approximately 40 post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate courses. In addition, Dr. Pirelli is on the editorial board for leading journals in the field, including Law and Human Behavior, the New Jersey Psychologist, and the Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology


Dr. Pirelli also maintains an active clinical-forensic research program. He has given many professional conference presentations and invited talks, and he has numerous publications, including the forthcoming book, “The Ethical Practice of Forensic Psychology: A Casebook” (Oxford University Press), and chapters in books such as: Handbook of Forensic Psychology (4th Edition), Violent Offenders: Understanding and Assessment, and Psychology in the Courtroom. His research was cited in a 2011 amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court from the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

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