Women's Rights 2018

Understand what “women’s rights” really means with our newest offerings addressing women’s rights law. Because it’s 2018. This Curriculum Bundle includes 4 courses


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Like never before, feminism and the acknowledgement of the importance of women’s rights is at the forefront of national conversation.  

In this exclusive CLE series, expert practitioners discuss pressing issues facing attorneys in the field, as well as an array of hot topics related to women’s rights law.


Alabama (CLE)
1 General
Alaska (CLE)
4 General
Arizona (CLE)
4 General
California (CLE)
4 General
Connecticut (CLE)
4 General
Georgia (CLE)
4 General
Hawaii (CLE)
4 General
Illinois (CLE)
4 General
Indiana (CLE)
2 General
Kentucky (CLE)
2 General
Louisiana (CLE)
1 General
Minnesota (CLE)
2 General
Mississippi (CLE)
2 General
Missouri (CLE)
4 General
New Jersey (CLE)
4.8 General
New Mexico (CLE)
4 General
New York (CLE)
4 Professional Practice
North Carolina (CLE)
1 General
Ohio (CLE)
3 General
Oklahoma (CLE)
1 General
Pennsylvania (CLE)
4 General
South Carolina (CLE)
2.01 General
Tennessee (CLE)
2.02 General
Texas (CLE)
4 General
Utah (CLE)
1 General
West Virginia (CLE)
4.8 General
Wisconsin (CLE)
1 General
Texas (TBLS)
4 General

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Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen The Lawyering Project
Bryan Arbeit
Bryan Arbeit Wigdor LLP
Kimberly C. Lau
Kimberly C. Lau Warshaw Burstein, LLP
Mariann Meier Wang
Mariann Meier Wang Cuti Hecker Wang LLP
Gillian Thomas
Gillian Thomas American Civil Liberties Union
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