Virginia Criminal Law


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All courses are available in video format. Written materials are included with every course. Audio format available for certain states.

Courses may include in-person events and/or live webcast programs. Please review all the courses included prior to purchase.


James Abrenio
James Abrenio BenGlassLaw
Emily Beckman
Emily Beckman King, Campbell, & Poretz, PLLC
Bradley Henson
Bradley Henson Henson Pachuta & Kammerman, PLLC
Joseph King
Joseph King King, Campbell & Poretz PLLC

With more than 100,000 people in Virginia state prisons or under criminal justice control, there is no rest for the Virginia criminal attorney.

In this exclusive CLE series, experienced criminal litigators will walk you through how to handle an array of criminal cases in Virginia. Learn everything you need to know about domestic violence charges in Virginia, handling drug cases, and last but not least, the immigration consequences of criminal activity.

3 Courses Included

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