Special Issues Affecting the Real Estate Industry

From mortgage lending to the medical marijuana industry, this series covers a variety of unique legal issues relating to real estate law. This Curriculum Bundle includes 3 courses


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From first homes to Fannie and Freddie’s new loans, and restaurant leases to REITs, Real Estate is more than choosing a new home. 

A clear grasp of the range of issues affecting clients on both the residential and commercial side of the real estate industry is key to effectively represent clients and mitigate risk.

Lawline members will benefit from practitioners sharing their experience in areas including, but not limited to, mortgage lending, restaurant leasing, and medical marijuana distribution. 


Alaska (CLE)
4 General
Arizona (CLE)
4 General
California (CLE)
4 General
Connecticut (CLE)
4 General
Georgia (CLE)
4 General
Idaho (CLE)
1.5 General
Illinois (CLE)
4 General
Missouri (CLE)
4 General
New Jersey (CLE)
3.5 General
New York (CLE)
1.5 Skills 2.5 Professional Practice
Pennsylvania (CLE)
4 General

3 Courses Included

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Jay Itkowitz
Jay Itkowitz Itkowitz PLLC
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Laura McCabe Brandt Brandt Law PLLC
Rania V. Sedhom
Rania V. Sedhom Sedhom Law Group, PLLC
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