Medical Malpractice

Learn about a wide range of medical malpractice scenarios, from misdiagnosis to negligence in nursing homes, and how to litigate them. This Curriculum Bundle includes 5 courses


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When doctors and other healthcare professionals act negligently, the results can be catastrophic - even deadly. In these cases, practitioners in the field of Medical Malpractice offer a path of recourse for patients and their families.

In this exclusive series of CLE courses, expert attorneys share their experience, expertise, and insight into the strategies of medical malpractice cases, ranging from misdiagnosis to the interplay between negligence in hospitals and other facilities, such as nursing homes and rehab centers.


Alaska (CLE)
6 General
Arizona (CLE)
6 General
California (CLE)
6 General
Connecticut (CLE)
6 General
Georgia (CLE)
6 General
Illinois (CLE)
6 General
Minnesota (CLE)
1 General
Missouri (CLE)
6 General
New Jersey (CLE)
6 General
New York (CLE)
6 Professional Practice
Pennsylvania (CLE)
6 General
Washington (CLE)
5 Law and Legal Procedure

5 Courses Included

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Richard Abend
Richard Abend Abend and Silber, PLLC
Lance D. Brown
Lance D. Brown Lance Brown & Associates
Michael A. Brusca
Michael A. Brusca Davis & Brusca
David Cohen
David Cohen Cohen Abuse Analytics Law, LLC
Daniel L. Freidlin
Daniel L. Freidlin Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP
Thomas A. Mobilia
Thomas A. Mobilia Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP
Jason Rubin
Jason Rubin Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP
Philip Russotti
Philip Russotti Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro & Halperin, LLP
Josh Silber
Josh Silber Abend and Silber, PLLC
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