LGBTQ Issues 2017

LGBTQ rights are still one of the hottest legal topics. This series takes it all on, from bathroom bills to discrimination in the workplace. This Curriculum Bundle includes 8 courses


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It didn’t end with Obergefell.

Join us for this exclusive CLE series, covering important issues in laws affecting the LGBTQ community, including best practices in working with marginalized clients, legislative and litigation trends, family creation and estate planning for LGBTQ clients, and more hot topics in this evolving field.


Alabama (CLE)
3 General
Alaska (CLE)
9 General
Arizona (CLE)
9 General
California (CLE)
9 General
Colorado (CLE)
6 General
Connecticut (CLE)
9 General
Georgia (CLE)
9 General
Hawaii (CLE)
9 General
Illinois (CLE)
9 General
Indiana (CLE)
1.5 General
Kentucky (CLE)
1.5 General
Minnesota (CLE)
2.5 General
Mississippi (CLE)
3 General
Missouri (CLE)
9 General
Nevada (CLE)
9 General
New Jersey (CLE)
9 General
New York (CLE)
9 Professional Practice
North Carolina (CLE)
5 General
Pennsylvania (CLE)
9 General
South Carolina (CLE)
4.04 General
Tennessee (CLE)
1.5 General
Texas (CLE)
7 General
Vermont (CLE)
3 General
Virginia (CLE)
2.5 General
Washington (CLE)
7.5 Law and Legal Procedure
West Virginia (CLE)
9 General

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Brian Esser
Brian Esser Law Office of Brian Esser
Angela Giampolo
Angela Giampolo Giampolo Law Group
Colleen Meenan
Colleen Meenan Meenan & Associates, LLC
Geoffrey A. Mort
Geoffrey A. Mort Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP
Daniela Nanau
Daniela Nanau Law Offices of Daniela Nanau, P.C.
Scott E. Squillace
Scott E. Squillace Squillace & Associates, P.C.
Ria Tabacco Mar
Ria Tabacco Mar American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
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