Investment Treaty Law & Arbitration

Investment treaties are a compelling development in international dispute resolution. Get an insider’s perspective in this curriculum. This Curriculum Bundle includes 3 courses


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Through this multi-part curriculum, the audience will gain an “insider’s” perspective on this new and highly-controversial generation of international dispute resolution.

The stakes are high: investment treaties, when properly triggered, grant a private party the right to bring an action against a sovereign nation before an international tribunal and give private arbitrators, which the host country does not necessarily choose and who can meet literally anywhere in the world, the power to review the host country’s public policies and effectively annul the acts of the host country’s legislative, executive, and judicial bodies. And there are now more than 3,000 investment treaties, signed by more than 150 countries, around the world.


Alaska (CLE)
3 General
Arizona (CLE)
3 General
California (CLE)
3 General
Connecticut (CLE)
3 General
Georgia (CLE)
3 General
Illinois (CLE)
3 General
Missouri (CLE)
3.5 General
New Jersey (CLE)
3.5 General
New York (CLE)
3.5 Professional Practice
Pennsylvania (CLE)
2 General
Washington (CLE)
3.5 Law and Legal Procedure

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