Entertainment Law 2018

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From intellectual property issues to contract drafting techniques to truly interesting case law, the world of entertainment law has so much to offer.  

In this exclusive CLE series, expert attorneys address the many fascinating bodies of law that intersect in the entertainment industry.


Alabama (CLE)
1 General
Alaska (CLE)
5 General
Arizona (CLE)
5 General
California (CLE)
5 General
Connecticut (CLE)
5 General
Florida (CLE)
3 General
Georgia (CLE)
5 General
Hawaii (CLE)
5 General
Illinois (CLE)
5 General
Indiana (CLE)
1 General
Kentucky (CLE)
2.5 General
Minnesota (CLE)
3.5 General
Mississippi (CLE)
1 General
Missouri (CLE)
5 General
New Jersey (CLE)
6 General
New York (CLE)
5 Professional Practice
North Carolina (CLE)
1.5 General
Ohio (CLE)
5 General
Pennsylvania (CLE)
5 General
South Carolina (CLE)
1.01 General
Tennessee (CLE)
1.02 General
Texas (CLE)
5 General
Utah (CLE)
1 General
Vermont (CLE)
1.5 General
Virginia (CLE)
1.5 General
West Virginia (CLE)
6 General
Wisconsin (CLE)
1 General
Texas (TBLS)
5 General

4 Courses Included

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Cheryl Davis
Cheryl Davis The Authors Guild
Dermot Horgan
Dermot Horgan IpHorgan Ltd.
Bernie Lawrence-Watkins
Bernie Lawrence-Watkins B. Lawrence Watkins & Associates
Christopher Lay
Christopher Lay IpHorgan Ltd.
Joel Schoenfeld
Joel Schoenfeld Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
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