Education Law 2017

Discover the intricacies of education law in the United States with this exclusive series of CLE courses. This Curriculum Bundle includes 7 courses


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More than 50 million American students will attend public school, and another 5 million will go to private schools in 2017.

In this exclusive series of CLE courses, leaders in the field of education law will address major issues affecting students, parents and educators, including best practices, ethical considerations, pertinent case law and legislation, and selected hot topics.


Alabama (CLE)
4.5 General
Alaska (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Arizona (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
California (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Colorado (CLE)
7.2 General 1.8 Ethics
Connecticut (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Florida (CLE)
1 General
Georgia (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Hawaii (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Idaho (CLE)
2 General 1.5 Ethics
Illinois (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Professional Responsibility (Legal Ethics)
Indiana (CLE)
6.6 General 1.6 Ethics
Iowa (CLE)
1.5 Ethics
Maine (CLE)
1 General
Minnesota (CLE)
3.5 General
Mississippi (CLE)
6.5 General 1.6 Ethics
Missouri (CLE)
6.5 General
Nevada (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
New Jersey (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
New Mexico (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
New York (CLE)
6.5 Professional Practice 1.5 Ethics
North Carolina (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Ohio (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Professional Conduct (Attorney Conduct)
Pennsylvania (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
South Carolina (CLE)
6.62 General 1.55 Ethics
Tennessee (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Texas (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Vermont (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Virginia (CLE)
4.5 General
Washington (CLE)
5.5 Law and Legal Procedure 1.5 Ethics
West Virginia (CLE)
6.5 General 1.5 Ethics
Wisconsin (CLE)
6.5 General
Texas (TBLS)
5.5 General

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Marion C. Katzive
Marion C. Katzive Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC
Joanne L. Butler
Joanne L. Butler Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP
Eileen Libutti
Eileen Libutti Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP
Michael Santos
Michael Santos National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty
Robert M. Tudisco
Robert M. Tudisco Barger & Gaines
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