Consumer Debt & Personal Bankruptcy 2017

Understand the world of consumer debt and personal bankruptcy with this important and timely series. This Curriculum Bundle includes 10 courses


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Bills, bills, bills.

In this exclusive CLE series, experienced bankruptcy attorneys address issues of ethics and best practices for the lawyer focused on consumer debt and personal bankruptcy.


Alabama (CLE)
3 General 1.5 Ethics
Alaska (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
Arizona (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
California (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
Colorado (CLE)
4.3 General 3.7 Ethics
Florida (CLE)
10 General 4 Ethics
Georgia (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
Hawaii (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
Illinois (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Professional Responsibility (Professionalism)
Kansas (CLE)
1 General
Kentucky (CLE)
1.5 Ethics
Minnesota (CLE)
2 General 1.5 Ethics
Mississippi (CLE)
5 General 3 Ethics
Missouri (CLE)
8.5 General
Nevada (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
New Jersey (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
New Mexico (CLE)
1.2 General
New York (CLE)
8.5 Professional Practice 3 Ethics
North Carolina (CLE)
6 General 3 Ethics
Oregon (CLE)
1.25 Ethics 1.75 General
Pennsylvania (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
South Carolina (CLE)
4 General 1.5 Ethics
Tennessee (CLE)
4 General 3 Ethics
Texas (CLE)
5 General 3 Ethics
Vermont (CLE)
1.5 Ethics 1 General
Washington (CLE)
6.5 Law and Legal Procedure 3 Ethics 1 Improving The Legal System
West Virginia (CLE)
8.5 General 3 Ethics
Texas (TBLS)
5 General 3 Ethics

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Ndukwe Agwu
Ndukwe Agwu Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A
Stephen Basedow
Stephen Basedow Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC
Julie Cvek-Curley
Julie Cvek-Curley DelBello Donnellan Weingarten Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP
Martha J. De Jesus
Martha J. De Jesus Ortiz and Ortiz
Simon Goldenberg
Simon Goldenberg Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC
Jonathan Goodgold
Jonathan Goodgold The Beinhaker Law Firm, LLC
Wayne Greenwald
Wayne Greenwald WAYNE GREENWALD, P.C.
Bill Kransdorf
Bill Kransdorf Legal Services NYC
Jil Mazer-Marino
Jil Mazer-Marino Meyer, Suozzi English & Klein, P.C.
Carol Morokoff
Carol Morokoff Gennet, Kallmann, Antin, Sweetman & Nichols. P.C.
Norma Ortiz
Norma Ortiz Ortiz & Ortiz, LLP
Michael Riela
Michael Riela Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP
Daniel Schlanger
Daniel Schlanger Kakalec & Schlanger, LLP
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