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Workplace Investigations in Connecticut: Best Practices When Defending An Employer

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Created on December 19, 2017




An employer has a legal duty to conduct a prompt, thorough, and unbiased investigation when it becomes aware of harassment complaints in the workplace. When done properly, workplace investigations and prompt remedial action can serve to defend against employment-related claims and preclude recovery. However, when done improperly there are significant risks of exposure.

This course, presented by employment lawyer, Robin Kallor, offers an extensive overview of these legal requirements and how to best insulate workplaces from liability.

This course is designed to be helpful to lawyers seeking a better understanding of how to conduct prompt, thorough, and unbiased workplace investigations and how they can be used as a risk management tool. This course is also intended to be helpful to more experienced attorneys and academic instructors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify what triggers the duty to investigate and what interim steps should be taken during the pendency of the investigation and who should conduct the investigation
  2. Discuss how to develop an investigation plan, including what documents to review, who to interview and in what order
  3. Review how to conduct witness interviews, including what questions to ask and how to set the appropriate tone
  4. Discern how to draw conclusions, including credibility determinations, to withstand cross-examination
  5. Comprehend the necessary components to an investigation report
  6. Navigate the necessary steps following an investigation, in order to insulate your workplaces from liability in Connecticut

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