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Workforce Audits: What Attorneys Need to Know

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Produced on January 26, 2016

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Time 1h
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Labor & Employment

Course Description

“Audit”—just the word can strike fear into even your most competent client. For many, it can feel like the organizational equivalent of blue police lights in your client’s rear view mirror. But not all audits are the same nor are all auditors legal enforcers. In this course, Mary Ann Downey, an attorney and career business professional, provides a legal and business framework to understand “audits.” Mary Ann will share the elements of an effective audit, how to conduct and protect the findings, and present the results to management in a manner that aids decision-making and reduces risks.  


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Differentiate between Sarbanes-Oxley mandated audits versus internal auditing

II.    Grasp the potential expansion of reporting requirements to include workforce data

III.   Define and grasp the scope of “workforce”

IV.   Identify areas of legal and business concerns/risks that your client organizations need to be aware of regarding their workforce

V.    Recognize the methods of conducting an audit

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Mary Ann Downey

HR Metrics Coach

Mary Ann Downey, known as “Mad” to friends and colleagues founded HR Metrics Coach because (she thinks) she knows what she should do when she “grows-up”.

Mad has always been a renaissance woman, more interested in the connections between disciplines (the white space) than specializing in a specific subject. Her non-traditional professional path and keen problem solving aptitude make her uniquely qualified to help organizations maximize their human capital for the benefit of the enterprise and the individual.

Mad has had the privilege of working with organizations from a variety of industries, sizes, and global footprints. She has provided in-house and virtual training to organizations such as GE, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and ConAgra on a variety of human capital topics like Workforce Planning, Diversity and HR Analytics.

Mad’s clients appreciate her sometimes irreverent but always practical approach to solving their challenges. Her philosophy is in a global, flat world the only source of competitive advantage is through people. While her undergraduate Economics professor was attempting to make a joke, she realized the truth in the statement that “the only asset that appreciates is human”.

An attorney by training, Mad began her professional career in large multinational organizations such as Caterpillar, General Motors and ING. She served in a variety of capacities working in the plant, at the business unit level and corporate headquarters. She left the corporate world to take a role as a Research Director for start-up firm, the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp).

At i4cp, Mad spoke with hundreds of organizations on a wide range of topics including: Diversity, Talent Management, Performance Management, Knowledge Retention, the HR Profession, Workforce Planning and HR Measurement. She led exclusive consortiums, which met monthly, for candid discussion on latest research, real world challenges, successes and failures.

A frequent presenter, she has been invited to present at many professional organizations and conferences, including Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Catalyst Awards Conference, Human Resources Planning Society (HRPS), International Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM), HR.com and others.

In addition to articles, reports and presentations for i4cp, her work has been published in Talent Management and Diversity Executive magazines. She was a contributor to Dr. Jac Fitz-enz latest book, The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company’s Human Capital Investments.


Ida U.

Very informative, thank you.

Eric H K.

A learned something new.

Stuart I. J.


Misty E.

The instructor was very informative and used examples to underscore her lesson.

Jennifer H.


Antoine M.

Good practical tips for office

Rhonda R.

The speaker did an excellent job providing a lot of information. Her written materials, including charts, are exceptional.

nancy d.

Enjoyed both content and format.

Mabel v.

Instructor was very informative - her passion for this subject was clear. I was referred to this service by an attorney in my office and he was right on target on his recommendation. I like the fact that i can watch these videos when I'm on a break from work - its VERY convenient. Thanks.

Andrea M.

Presenter was organized and had effective delivery.

Douglas A.

Yes very informative.

Erik G.

As an in-house labor attorney, this was very applicable! Thanks!

Gary T.

Very informative.

Kathryn S.

thank you

Rafiah B.

Very interesting.

Nancy S.

Really enjoying the programming. Short so less likely to lose my attention. Thank you for the good quality.

Kenneth W. P.

I was surprised how much I did not know about the audit process.

Jeffrey S.

Good approach and passionate speaker.

Sondra S.

Very helpful course!

Michael B.

Excellent program, very practical.

Alicia R.


John Z.

good class

Michael J.

good presentation! helpful for an employer!

Erin M.

really enjoyed this one. not a topic that is often discussed

Harry D.

Very engaging topic.

Michael P.

Flowed well.


another very timely topic

Barry G.

Effective speaker. Course materials well prepared.

Joseph M.

Very good.

Deborah W.

I have taken another class offered by MAD and she is an excellent speaker. I greatly enjoyed the presentation.

Brian S.

good stuff

Nina Anne G.

Very practical and helpful.

Kathleen S.

Excellent material.

Christina A.

The speaker was very clear in the objectives of the course.

Rhonda G. W.

Thank you for another superb presentation -- thorough and clear. I would recommend any presentation given by Mary Ann Downey.

Richard F.

Narrow focus but on a topic that could help my major client address a host of potential problems in one initiative. I think MAD has positioned herself well in the changing HR/Legal marketplace.

peter d.

Great, informative.

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