Winning the Tough Case by Embracing the Negative (Update)

Production Date: October 12, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 5402 minutes


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This is a program for trial attorneys who want to enhance the likelihood of winning difficult cases. It explains how to use to the lawyer’s advantage what may at first appear to be negative factors in the case, just as practitioners of Judo are trained to use the superior power of an opponent to defeat him. This technique applies to all stages of the litigation process. It is not a substitute for solid preparation, knowledge of the basics of trial practice and procedure, maintaining credibility, and developing good communication skills. However, it is a valuable weapon in the arsenal of the trial attorney who must try a challenging case against a formidable opponent. Throughout the program, attorney John Lang draws upon his personal experience to illustrate how “embracing the negative” can lead to positive outcomes.      


Learning Objectives:

I.       Understand what it means to embrace the negative in a trial setting

II.      Examine prototypical examples in People v. Harris & Black and O.J. Simpson trial

III.     Recognize pre-trial proceeding opportunities to embrace the negative

IV.     Underline the importance of in-depth investigations of opposing party’s negative arguing points

V.      Conceptualize your “Case Theory,” and what that means when it comes to admitting the negatives

VI.     Plan to accustom your potential jury members to the negatives during the selection process

VII.    Identify real-life instances from real-life trials where embracing the negative worked!

VIII.   Follow the “embracing the negative” process in a prototypical bribery case

IX.     Highlight the importance of recognizing embracing the negative as one of many tools

Meichelle M.

Very well laid out/

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Essential watching for every trial attorney, young or old. Wonderful speaker! Great materials.

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I would take a hundred of this speaker’s sessions. Wow!

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excellent program

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Unique legal perspective shared by a consummate member of the bar.

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was a very helpful hands on presentation

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Great presentation; well done.

Charles D. J.
Houston, TX

As an attorney who has more clients in the under dog role than I care to remember, Mr. Lang gave me hope by his presentation that the truly unwinnable case can sometimes be won.

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This was one of the better cle's I've listened to on here. Really assisting with practical approaches.

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This speaker was very engaging. Nice presentation. Thank you!

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I loved this CLE and will start using John Lang's "embrace the negative" strategy asap. Thank you John Lang!

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Therapeutic thanks

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Great Presentation

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That presenter is a hoot, engaging and entertaining


I really enjoyed the course. The course was very informative.

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Loved this speaker, highly recommended.

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Excellent presentation!!

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Best and most useful of the Lawline courses in my package.

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Very good. Love appropriate "war" stories

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John Lang did an excellent job. Very informative and very useful.

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Good use of real-life examples.

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Excellent presentation.

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Interesting. I have been a trail attorney for over 50 years and was a judoka with judo for years. Nice blend.

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easy to listen to

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One of your best instructors.

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Skills that can translate into many areas of practice and life.

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Great video!

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More Mr. Lang!

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By far the most informative CLE to date!

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Great Presentation.

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Semper Fi

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Great speaker

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A real pleasure to listen to!

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Very good

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This was pretty basic. Good for a young lawyer.

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This lecture was made quite interesting through the use of recent cases as well as the personal experience of the lecturer, regarding the cases that he has tried across the country. Thanks for a good presentation.

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Excellent! Should be required viewing! Thanks.

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You represent Fordham Law well sir!

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Mr. Lang is delightful. An interesting topic made better by a charming presentation. Best CLE I've seen in 25 years.

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Excellent speaker, informative and enlightening.

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Very valuable.

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Super, that how I was trained in the day.

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Very effective speaker.

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One of the best. Very refreshing.

Diane E.
Justice, IL

His unassuming manner conveyed how he was able to grasp the negatives and to put them to good use--thinking outside the box.

Robert S.

very good and great examples for application, thank you.

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Mr. Lang was truly excellent!

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Great information.

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I really enjoyed the speakers examples and the stories he used to illustrate his points. This was a great presentation.

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Enjoyed this lecture. Interesting anecdotes. Great teacher.

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Interesting and practical course. Recommended.

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Very informative presentation by Mr. Lang.

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important concept conveyed that is applicable to all facets of law practice

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Not applicable for me but very entertaining nevertheless.

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A great explanation of one of the most important means of being an effective trial attorney.

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awesome examples on subject matter

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He makes me proud to be a lawyer and the proffession

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A master

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Very good insight into trial strategies.

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Best CLE I've seen. I love the mix of information with stories from the trenches. I could listen to this guy all day!

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Outstanding presentation. I'd love to watch Mr. Lang try a case.

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This was really great and very watchable. loved it.

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Lang is great. Best course on Lawline

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This guy was great! Love his stories...some are almost Perry Mason-esque!

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Excellent presentation

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he was great

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Mr. Lang was terrific! (But what else would you expect from a US Marine?)

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Great content.

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Congratulations, (Ky) Col. Lange, on your informative presentation. It is obvious that you have a wealth of experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. Well done!

Joseph F.
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One of the best ones I've seen.


I like the speaker taking a negative (sometimes two negatives) and turn it (them) into a positive. Well, done.

Roger W.
Las Vegas, NV

A very good presentation on the subject by a well seasoned, competent trial attorney

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Educational and entertaining. Fine job!

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This speaker was excellent. I could have listened to more.

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The actual case studies made it very interesting.


Excellent presentation by a very experienced trial attorney

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Good Information

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Excellent! This man truly loves what he does and you can tell. It made the lecture so interesting and enjoyable!! Thank you!

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I found this speaker to very engaging, I enjoyed how he used his own past mistakes to help teach us.

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War stories are fun. But war stories with a purpose are instructive. Best CLE I have heard in some time. Thanks

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Instructive, through the time-honored mechanism of the war story. Mr. Lang knows and loves his craft.

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