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Who Owns Your Workout? IP Issues and Challenges in the Health and Fitness Industry

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Produced on October 15, 2015

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Time 1h
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Intellectual Property

Course Description

From the moment you set foot in a health club, boot camp, or shoe store – or its online equivalent – intellectual property issues surround you. Clubs look to own workout routines, manufacturers seek to own the latest iteration of gym equipment, and everyone wants to control their name and logo. There can be tremendous value in a well-protected and marketed brand, as well as significant risk to making use of assets owned and controlled by someone else. Players in the health and fitness industry should be aware of the various kinds of protection afforded to different intellectual property assets, the limits of each, and how to make the most efficient use of your legal dollar to protect your IP rights.  


Bryan Cave partner Adam Brezine covers the basics of protecting and using IP assets for health club owners and operators, equipment and apparel manufacturers, and fitness professionals. Adam addresses recent developments and issues to be aware of as more content and commerce moves online and into the cloud, as well as practical steps to take for adequate protection of IP assets while avoiding overreach.


Learning Objectives:

I. Grasp basic scope and sources of various types of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets

II. Identify where each might most likely apply in the health and fitness business

III. Know recent court decisions addressing various IP issues in the health and fitness industry

IV. Understand risks and benefits of available IP enforcement efforts

V. Evaluate where to get the most out of legal spending to protect IP rights and practical tips to avoid unnecessary complications  

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Adam Brezine


Adam Brezine is a partner in the firm's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. Mr. Brezine’s broad business litigation practice covers intellectual property, media, entertainment, sports, antitrust, financial services, real estate and employment litigation, including investigation of potential claims, counseling clients in anticipation of disputes, and drafting agreements related to sponsorship, naming rights, content acquisition, distribution and licensing.


Harvey K.


Dawn L.

Good overview of IP issues for small business owners. More IP presentations should be included in the bundle.

Ruth G.

Very well organized and clear. Interesting presentation.

Renee D.

Interesting info. thanks!

Frank B.

He was very knowledgeable.

David R.

good overview

Taylor H.

Great presenter!

Cecilia M.

This was well done and interesting

Larry S.

Interesting & useful presentation. Well done. Thanks.

Christopher K.

Good introductory overview of the area.

Steve O.

good overview of pertinent material

Mauricio J. T.

Thank you

Elizabeth R.

Thank you!

Julie A. B.

Unexpectedly interesting. Presentation progresses nicely and covers important issues (e.g., intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets) in the fitness field. Engaging speaker and thought-provoking topic sustains one’s interest. The program conveys useful examples accompanied by court decisions (complete with citations) as well as a sprinkling of practice tips throughout. Appreciated the supplemental materials.

Daniel H.

Very interesting.

Theresa M.

excellent I would like more content in this subject matter

Susan M.

he was excellent.

Yolanda L.

Excellent course.

Daniel C.

Very nice, practical presentation. Thank you, Adam.

Michael B.

The speaker provided an informative presentation that moved along nicely and covered and/or touched on TM, copyright, and patent issues in the fitness field, which kept my interest throughout.

Stephen L.

Great overview, thanks!

Frank B.

Very thorough and useful

William J. D.

Very good speaker.

Napha T.

Great and thoughtful speaker with lots of interesting issues presented.

Lisa M.

absolutely loved this one! very interesting and could have even gone on longer

Penny R.

Wonderful speaker and very engaging topic.

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