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Whistleblower Protections for Employees of Government Contractors and Grantees


Created on November 14, 2019




Disclosures by whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act (FCA) have enabled the federal government to recover more than $40 billion. But with strong protections against retaliation, whistleblowers would be reluctant to come forward. This course, presented by Jason Zuckerman, Principal at Zuckerman Law, will provide an overview of whistleblower protections for employees of government contractors and grantees, focusing on the whistleblower protection provisions of the FCA and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The course will also offer practical tips and insights for practitioners on how to evaluate potential whistleblower claims and overlapping remedies to maximize damages. In addition, the course will address the challenging issues that arise when a whistleblower simultaneously prosecutes both retaliation and rewards claims.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the types of employees protected by the whistleblower protection provisions of the FCA and NDAA
  2.  Recognize the categories of protected whistleblowing covered by the FCA and NDAA whistleblower protection laws
  3. Discuss the applicable burdens of proof and remedies available under these laws
  4. Provide practical guidance on prosecuting FCA and NDAA whistleblower retaliation claims and the interplay of FCA whistleblower retaliation and rewards claims

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