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What's in a Name? An Introduction to IP Issues in Sports


Created on February 12, 2018




Sports is arguably the most visible industry in American media, given the proliferation of sports networks and televised sporting events over the past two decades. This has invited greater scrutiny over the brand that is used to market teams and the public image of individual athletes.

This one-hour program will introduce attorneys to the three major types of intellectual property that apply to the sports business: trademark, copyright and the right of publicity. It will highlight both seminal and recent cases involving trademark, copyright and individual property right disputes in both professional and intercollegiate sports.

This program, presented by veteran trial attorney and Montclair State University professor Gary J. Chester, will also address the fundamental goals of protecting intellectual property and discusses how they have been applied in cases involving unique issues in sports.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of intellectual property rights of businesses and individuals
  2. Examine how trademark, copyright and appropriation law applies in the sports industry
  3. Identify the issues involved in contemporary intellectual property issues in sports

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