What to Expect When the Government Comes to Call

Production Date: September 17, 2015 Practice Areas: Health Care Law Estimated Length: 5432 minutes


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It's a normal day at your client's medical practice/clinic when:

  • Scenario 1: all of a sudden the front door bursts open and a slew of FBI agents stream in – creating chaos and confusion and possible fear among patients and staff. 
  • Scenario 2: the mail arrives with a letter from the licensing board. The letter claims that a violation of some law, rule, or regulation that impacts the license holder’s licensure rights has occurred. The letter provides a 10 – 14 day response period.
  • Scenario 3: the mail arrives with a letter from the Department of Justice or the state Medicaid Fraud Unit, stating the agency is conducting an investigation and requires a list of records from the practice. The letter provides a date certain to respond to the request.

In each scenario, what do you do? Specifically, how do you address the numerous questions that arise, such as:

  • What is the focus of the investigation? 
  • Who is the focus of the investigation?  
  • What are the consequences of each scenario?  

Join Noelle C. Letteri of The Silva Law Firm as she explores each of these scenarios and provides attorneys answers and practice tips that will help clients navigate these complicated and lengthy investigations.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify the possible government investigation facing your client

II.    Determine the venue, jurisdiction, and initial attorney response for each scenario

III.   Make contact with the appropriate agency or governing body

VI.   Gather the documentary evidence for each scenario

V.    Proactive preemptory compliance practices to mitigate potential liability


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