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What Government Contractors Should Know About Key Labor and Employment Obligations Before Your Next Bid

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Created on June 12, 2017





The labor and employment law environment for government contractors is continually changing. From significantly heightened enforcement activity under the Obama Administration to the uncertainty under the current administration, certain labor and employment laws continue to vex even the most sophisticated of government contractors.

This course will examines some of the key compliance challenges affecting the wide array of contractors subject to the Service Contract Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, and the new Paid Sick Leave Executive Order which became effective on January 1, 2017. We discuss key requirements, application of the regulations implementing these laws, and the current enforcement environment. The course also provides participants with the latest trends and common pitfalls related to these laws, as well as concrete strategies and tips for avoiding costly compliance errors and addressing compliance concerns when they arise.   

This is an intermediate course that is recommended for in-house legal counsel, HR executives, compliance officers, contracts managers and other contractor personnel involved in compliance with the aforementioned regulations.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Grasp the key requirements of the Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon Act and Paid Sick Leave Executive Order
  2. Understand the current enforcement environment and consequences of non-compliance
  3. Discover common compliance challenges and methods for avoidance
  4. Identify appropriate measures to mitigate risk when encountering a compliance violation

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